Eco-Friendly Travel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Launched by Classic Glass Co.


Smiths Mason Jars launches a sensible and environmentally friendly loose leaf tea infuser, based on the sustainable practices of tea drinkers in Asia. The company has produced a visionary design so that tea remains fresh and warm throughout the day.

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May 27, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Smith’s Mason Jars, the classic glass company, has recently released its fruit infusing tea infuser. Whether it’s fruit mixtures or classic tea, these infusers present a sustainable take on drinking healthy, allowing consumers to keep their tea or fruit drinks warm and fresh all day.

Smith’s Mason Jars has been consistently finding new ways to cater to healthy living while also focusing on the environmental impact of its products. More and more people in Europe are reportedly drinking loose leaf teas, even mixing their own favorite combinations, and Smith’s wants to make sure that these trends are met with eco-friendly options.

“Smith’s Mason Jars started off by giving away mason jars on the beach around the world after seeing the damage that plastics have done to our ocean,” wrote a spokesperson for Smith’s. Based on sustainable tea drinking practices in Asia, but with a twist, its loose leaf tea infuser allows users to add hot water during the day to get multiple uses out of the infuser, without the unnecessary waste of tea bags. One batch of loose leaf tea in the infuser can be used for as many as five refills. These cost-saving and environmentally friendly practices align health with sustainability.

From hipsters in the U.S. to homemade jam makers in the U.K., Smith’s has been a standard name in reusable glass. Their travel-ready tea flasks have an easy-to-use infuser at the bottom of the sleek, glass body so that fruit teas do not become too bitter as tea-lovers go about their busy days. Available in four different colors, this glass tea flask is a convenient way to enjoy favorite teas at work, at the gym, or on the go.

The tried-and-true company’s easily cleaned loose leaf tea infuser features a convenient carry strap and allows for creative and delicious mixtures of tea. These healthy combinations are kept safe, contained and warm in Boran glass, which conducts heat for up to two hours longer than regular glass.

For more information on this tea infuser and Smith’s Mason Jars' line of products, visit their official website.


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