Gout and You Discusses the Importance of Exercise for Gout Sufferers

  • Date: Dec 16, 2021
  • Category: Health

Gout and You has shared useful information about the necessity of exercise for gout sufferers on its blog. Spiro Koulouris created this website to help people with gout live better lives. Continue reading


Houston, Texas, Dec 16, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Gout and You recently published a series of blogs about the benefits of exercise for those with gout. Spiro Koulouris, who has gout himself, founded the brand to help others with the painful condition manage their symptoms and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Benefits of exercising for gout sufferers can be found at https://goutandyou.com/gout-and-exercise/.

Koulouris points to four major fitness areas that people with gout should cover in their exercise regimens. These areas are motion exercises, strength exercises, cardio or endurance exercises and stretching exercises. However, it is important to consult a doctor before starting an exercise regime. Also, exercise should be avoided during gout attacks or inflammation because it may worsen the condition.

Another blog explains how anyone with gout can get decent exercise in just seven minutes. This quick workout for gout comprises 12 exercises where users only use their body weight. "Fitness doesn't have to take a lot of time out of your day or require you to buy a lot of expensive equipment," says Koulouris. "You can do this routine with just a chair, and it includes a good mix of aerobic and resistance exercises. This program works the entire lower body, upper body and core."

Spiro Koulouris also stresses the importance of yoga for gout sufferers. He says that practicing yoga regularly can improve flexibility and muscles and maintain strong joints. Also, stretching exercises from yoga are effective in improving blood pressure. This, in turn, may help prevent uric acid crystal deposition in joints.

“If you are a gout sufferer, strength training is your best option, followed by cardiovascular exercises for heart health and yoga for low impact on the joints. Walk daily at least if you choose not to exercise,” Koulouris adds.

To receive more gout-related lifestyle tips, please visit the official website of Gout and You.


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