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  • Date: Aug 25, 2021
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Spiro Koulouris, founder of Gout and You, explains the various health complications resulting from gout in his latest blog post. Koulouris regularly publishes in-depth content to help gout patients lead a healthy life. Continue reading


Houston, Texas, Aug 25, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Spiro Koulouris, founder of Gout and You, returns with more high-quality gout content to help his readers understand and manage their condition. In this article, he explains several gout complications that can occur over the course of the disease. In addition to regular articles, Gout and You also offers tips, updates, and a wide range of effective gout remedies.

Read the entire blog at https://goutandyou.com/complications-of-gout/.

Koulouris writes that gout may lead to several complications if it is left untreated. One of these complications is irreversible joint damage resulting from repeated gout attacks. Another complication is the development of nodules (tophi) that build up under the skin due to the deposition of uric acid in the soft tissues.

“Although tophi are usually painless, they can form in awkward places like around your toes or ends of your fingers even on heels, knees and elbows. Tophi is obviously a sign that you have severe gout and must treat it with allopurinol or another uric-acid-lowering therapy to dissolve the crystals. Tophi may also be surgically removed,” Koulouris explains.

Koulouris also mentions other complications, including:

  • Kidney stones occur in 10% to 40% of gout patients. Stones are formed by the crystallization of uric acid in the urinary system.
  • Gout is associated with unhealthy cholesterol and lipid levels and increases the risk of developing a heart attack.
  • Other complications include developing cataracts or dry eye syndrome and even uric acid crystal deposition in the lungs.

“Gout sufferers need to get their diet under control and eat at least 80% of their daily calories as complex carbohydrates and make sure they don't skip out on their prescribed medication because they risk gout complications like diabetes, kidney stones, heart disease and tophi down the road," he concludes.

Anyone interested in learning more about all aspects of gout should visit GoutandYou.com.


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