Ultimate Gout Diet & Cookbook Offers Gout-Friendly Recipes for Symptom Management

  • Date: Sep 23, 2021
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Gout and You is happy to offer people with gout the ultimate gout diet and cookbook. The book is a compilation of information and a variety of tasty gout-friendly recipes. Continue reading


Houston, Texas, Sep 23, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Gout and You, a health brand focused on providing helpful information about gout and tips for symptom management, is happy to inform customers of its ultimate gout diet and cookbook, now available in paperback and ebook form. Gout, a type of arthritis that occurs when uric acid crystals build up in the joints, is estimated to affect approximately 4% of the population in the United States and is slowly on the rise globally.

Find the gout cookbook by visiting https://www.amazon.com/Gout-You-Ultimate-Diet-Cookbook/dp/1519495579.

“Using the information in this ebook, including the meal ideas, I've helped many gout patients manage their pain while also increasing energy, slowing the aging process, losing weight, and building immunity. I have to admit the gout diet described in the ebook is more of a lifestyle change rather than starving yourself; it’s a whole new approach to life too,” states the company’s senior spokesperson and founder, Spiro Koulouris, who also lives with gout.

The gout foods cookbook provides an extensive list of recipes for those with gout to enjoy while managing the crippling symptoms of the condition. Readers will also find a wealth of information related to gout, including topics such as:

  • Facts on fats, protein, and carbohydrates
  • The link between gout and coronary heart disease
  • What someone with gout should know about cancer
  • Preventing high blood pressure and diabetes as someone with gout
  • A recommended food plan
  • Tophi - uric acid build-up around the joints that look like swollen, bulbous growths under the skin
  • The importance of exercise

Readers of the book have offered their thoughts on the variety and tastiness of the recipes and the positive results being experienced. One reviewer comments, “The book is clear and concise. You do have to listen to what it is telling you and change your lifestyle. I have cooked 10 of the recipes so far, and I have been amazed at how tasty they have all been. I have three favorites that get cooked most weeks. My uric acid levels have dropped from 10 to 5.3 in eight weeks. I have also cut out alcohol from my diet and lost 7 pounds by limiting my calorie intake, a steady couple of pounds a week.”

Those interested in additional information about the Ultimate Gout Diet & Cookbook should visit https://goutandyou.com/the-ultimate-gout-diet-and-cookbook/.


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