Growth through Suffering Takes Centerstage in New Book from Ani Tims

  • Date: Nov 29, 2019
  • Category: Books

Ani Tims’ new book, Hope: An Anchor for the Soul, is the story of the author’s growth through suffering, faith, and survival. This is Ani’s personal testimony of how God never leaves anyone alone. Continue reading

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Belton, MO, Nov 29, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Entrepreneur, online marketer and author Ani Tims is pleased to announce the Amazon launch of her new book, Hope: An Anchor for the Soul, in Kindle as well as paperback versions. This book is an authentic, inspirational story of faith and survival, where the author discusses her personal struggles and how God's presence helped her overcome all challenges. Through this story of growth through suffering, Ani conveys the message that God is always there to guide and empower individuals and make them stronger through trials.

Hope: An Anchor for the Soul reveals Ani Tims' inspirational personal testimonies, including how parenting became a nightmare for her as she was afraid to even walk out her front door, constantly worried about her daughters. One of her daughters was born prematurely and barely survived. She had to relocate halfway around the world to start life all over again in a new country and lived through a house fire and a saddle pulmonary embolism. Through all her experiences, the author learned that God's timing is perfect, and the power of prayer should never be underestimated.

"My purpose is to give hope to people going through very tough times and maybe not seeing the light or not knowing God at all. Maybe in some small way, I'll be able to contribute to the big commission when Jesus told us to spread the word. And even though this is not conventionally spreading the word, I think God would accept my humble attempt at spreading His hope in a confused and hopeless world," Ani Tims said.

Ani Tims is a woman with multiple talents. Prior to penning her personal testimonies of faith, she has been a successful entrepreneur and has been running a business online for roughly 15 years. She is also an interior designer, and one of her projects was featured in Kansas City Spaces magazine. Ani and her husband love to travel and have already visited 31 countries, collecting precious experiences and memories for a lifetime.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ani Tims and her new book should visit her personal website or Amazon storefront.



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Ani Tims: This is my humble attempt at spreading His hope in a confused and hopeless world.
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