Harmony Decision Maker App for Better, Faster Decisions Launched


Goldratt Research Labs announces the launch of its Harmony Decision Maker, an application that helps users make better, faster decisions. The app is available for Android, and Apple devices as well as via Amazon and as an online version. Continue reading


Jan 14, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Goldratt Research Labs has announced the launch of the company's latest version of the award-winning Harmony Decision Maker Mobile and Web apps. According to the company, the app was designed to help users make better, faster decisions when it really matters. Since its launch 3 years ago, over 10,000 users from 70 countries around the world have already used the app to improve the quality and speed of decisions within both their personal and professional lives, the brand reports.

"Our research has shown that people make and often repeat bad decisions for very good reasons. Exaggerated fears of loss, effort or risk can cause us to resist making good changes or choices. Exaggerated frustrations or expectations can cause us to overreact and make bad changes or choices. Our Harmony Decision Maker App simply helps users to discover and overcome such limiting assumptions or beliefs," says Dr. Alan Barnard, the CEO of Goldratt Research Labs.

Dr. Barnard is a decision scientist who has always been curious about why good people make and often repeat bad decisions. His research lab works with public and private sector organizations as well as individuals to identify common decision mistakes people make and develop a range of decision-support methods and apps to help users prevent these mistakes. The method behind the app is the award-winning ProConCloud method, developed by Dr. Barnard during his Ph.D. as an evolution to Benjamin Franklin's Pro-Con List method.

The Harmony Decision Maker app has recently been awarded a Level 1 certification for advanced well-being by Orcha, an organization that certifies apps for healthcare and mental health.

The Free Harmony Decision Maker App can be downloaded from the Google Play, Apple or Amazon mobile app stores. Anyone interested in finding out more information about Dr. Barnard's research, the Harmony Decision Maker app or ProConCloud method can visit www.dralanbarnard.com.

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