High- Quality HDMI 25 ft Cord Has Been Released by RELM on Amazon


One of the pre-eminent consumer electronics repair companies in the US, Herman Pro, has brought a new HDMI 25 ft cord to the market. Continue reading


Mar 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- One of the pre-eminent consumer electronics repair companies in the US, Herman Pro, has brought a new HDMI 25 ft cord to the market.

This 24k gold-plated HDMI high-speed cable is perfect for people who like to enjoy a theatre-like experience in the comfort of their homes.

Herman Pro is one of the leading HDMI cable manufacturers in the US and has been in business since 1963. Their HDMI cord 25 feet has been a bestselling product on Amazon, garnering great reviews from customers worldwide.

RELM offers male-to-male HDMI cables that support high-quality videos (2160p, 3D, etc.) 4kx2k. With a 48-bit deep color and wide-angle theatrical 21:9 features, these premium cables offer a theater-like visual experience. These cables return incredible audio, from DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD to an audio sample frequency of up to 1536kHz. This HDMI 25 ft. cable can transfer the highest quality audio and video in addition to supporting up to 10.2 GBP in a high-speed transfer.

RELM’s4k HDMI cord 25 ft. is plated with 24k gold and they come with a 19 PIN Type A & male-to-male connectors. In addition, the CL3 rated jacket guarantees an intact quality while transferring audio and video from HDMI-enabled devices, such as Apple TV, Blu-ray player, Xbox, PS4, PS3, computers, etc., to TV. A lot of low-quality HDMI cables in the market can ruin the experience for movie and gaming enthusiasts. This RELM HDMI high-speed cable makes sure that users’ time and money are well spent while giving them an unmatched experience.

Herman Pro has taken every measure to make sure their HDMI cables offer the highest quality experience while being pocket-friendly as well. Apparently, this has made a lot of customers take notice of the product.

Ever since their launch, RELM HDMI cables have been highly popular among hundreds of Amazon customers located worldwide.

Stephanie Means writes, “RELM HDMI cord is great! Works great on my laptop and TV. Great quality, with good reception. Excellent picture for gaming and movies. Wonderful purchase, will recommend it to everyone.”

Another customer, Lindsey, writes, “These Cords are great! A great value! This cord feels like it was engineered well and is very sturdy. It is the perfect length for what I need. This cable produces great audio and video.”

About Herman Pro

In order to enjoy the best quality video and audio these days, HDMI cables have become a necessity. Herman Prohas been hard at work, developing high-end HDMI cables that are great for A/V experience and budget-friendly as well.

The brand has been active in the US consumer electronics industry for over 50 years. Their 25 ft. HDMI cable continues to be one of the bestselling products in the audio/video accessories category across Amazon.

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