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GoalFoods has launched its Hemp Brownie Bites on Amazon. These healthy snacks are completely vegan and can help users achieve and maintain a lean and fit body. Continue reading

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Houston, Texas, Apr 07, 2020 /prREACH/ -- GoalFoods is pleased to announce the Amazon launch of its latest low carb snack product. The Hemp Brownie Bites have been created particularly for men and women looking to get their bodies back in shape. A manufacturer of healthy snacks, GoalFoods has formulated the vegan protein snack using a wide range of plant-based ingredients, including hemp protein, pea protein, almond butter, chicory root fiber, cacao, organic cocoa and tapioca fiber.

Craig Romero, the senior spokesperson for the brand says, “These high protein low carb snacks are excellent as either pre-workout or meal replacement snacks. They are vegan-friendly snacks and contain only the cleanest ingredients that are highly effective for weight loss.” Each pack contains ten individually wrapped plant-based protein snack bars, suitable for all ages. These protein snacks are gluten-free and taste similar to mint brownie desserts.

Hemp protein powder is a high-quality plant-based protein that contains 20 amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Protein is crucial for developing, growing and maintaining muscles, tissues and vital organs. It also helps boost metabolism and increases fat-burning. Hemp is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids that one can get from food. This is rare for a plant-based protein since most lack the amino acid, lysine. Hemp protein is also easy to digest, and up to 98% of it is digestible. This means the body can use almost all of the amino acids in hemp protein powder for important bodily functions, such as repair and maintenance.

The benefits of the other ingredients of the product are as follows:

  • Almond Butter: Low glycemic index and robust antioxidant content make this nut butter ideally suited for health-conscious athletes and achievers.
  • Organic Cocoa: Polyphenols help reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol levels. It also assists in healthy weight loss.
  • Pea Protein: Increases metabolism, reduces appetite, and helps control blood sugar levels. It also reduces sugar cravings and helps users feel full and eat less.
  • Coconut Oil: Rich in desirable medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), coconut oil has numerous health benefits, including higher energy levels and a stronger metabolism.
  • Peppermint Oil: Great for reducing appetite and helping suppress cravings.
  • Sea Salt: Vital for anyone following a low-carb diet where sodium may be lost.
  • Chicory Root Fiber: Can regulate appetite and decrease overall calorie intake.

To find out more about GoalFoods’ low carb snacks, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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