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With the Labor Day holiday coming soon, Home Standard honors hard working Americans by offering a discount on the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser until the end of the Labor Day weekend, Continue reading

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Aug 18, 2015 /prREACH/ -- More and more people are recognizing the benefits of aromatherapy and are enjoying the indoor benefits using an essential oil diffuser. In the hot days of summer when people gather outdoors, there are multiple essential oils that can be diffused to repel mosquitoes in the immediate area of the diffused oils. Any recipe for essential oil repellent sprays can just as easily be used in the diffuser during parties, home cookouts, when camping at a site or beside the pool or on the patio.

Roberson announced today that during the month of August, the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser, a key product in Home Standard’s product line, will receive a 25% discount off the regular price as Home Standard’s way of honoring all those who work so hard to make this country great.

Roberson said, “The American worker needs to be recognized for their contributions and this is Home Standard’s small way of doing just that.” Roberson also said, “Labor Day has quite an interesting history since it began in the late 1800s.” The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882 when the Central Labor Union wanted a day to recognize workers. In 1894 it became a Federal holiday so all government agencies including the post office, courts, banks and all non-essential services take the day off to relax. Essential services such as medical service, police forces and the military, of course, do not cease operations, because of the many people traveling and partying.

Originally, Labor Day was intended to be day to where labor organizations would form parades so that people could appreciate the services they provide, products they create and the ways in which the public benefits from the hard work of organized labor. Afterwards, a festival was planned as a community gathering for family fun. Today the Labor Day holiday is celebrated the first Monday in September. This date was chosen to provide a holiday in the long span of time between Independence Day on July 4 and Thanksgiving in November.

It is often considered the end of summer and a final chance for a long weekend while the weather is still warm. Families love to get together, community cookouts in the park are often a pastime during this long weekend, and some locales shoot fireworks, present concerts and hold parades. Roberson and the staff of Home Standard wish everyone a happy and healthy Labor Day this year.

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