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    Hot Tubs Dealer Longview, Tyler Shares Three Ways to Have a Healthier Attitude

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    Saunas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs Dealer in Longview and Tyler, TX, Participates in National Optimism Month. Offers Free VIP Hot Tub and Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    East Texas Spa, a hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving Longview and Tyler, TX publishes “Three Simple Ways to Have a Healthier Attitude.”

    “Many studies have been done to determine the effects of a positive attitude on coping skills,” said Randall Glaske, president of East Texas Spa. “A study in 2010 examined the effects of an optimistic attitude on the outcome of life situations such as job goals, and if a positive affect could be predicted. The study showed optimists were happier than pessimists.”

    “It was also shown that optimists had better results in recovery not only from physical illnesses, but from disappointment and frustration,” continued Glaske. “That’s why National Optimism Month is so important. It is a time set up to help people realize the ways a healthy positive attitude benefits their lives, and shows them how to achieve a more optimistic outlook.”

    Here are three simple ways to have a healthier attitude.

    Act Positively – Putting a choice into action helps create the life desired. When people make a choice to be more optimistic, the best way to implement it is to study the way people who are happy and self-assured react to situations.

    They are more likely to stand up straight, walk boldly, have a confident manner of speaking and they avoid negative words like can’t, won’t, no. In contrast, pessimists tend to shuffle, look down when they walk, slouch and mumble. A negative person is more likely to respond with phrases that include can’t.

    Find the Joy and Bounty in Life – Always be grateful for all of the benefits and joys that already exist. Acknowledging the good things in life make it easier to believe there is a lot more to come, and to avoid the negative feelings of defeat. People who are grateful for the things they have, and have a positive attitude are far less at risk for depression and stress related illnesses.

    Increase Mental Health and Lower Stress with a Longview Hot Tub – Hot tubs have had positive results in studies from those conducted by the University of Washington to those at the University of Indiana and the Mayo Clinic showing their ability to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and offer people a way to increase circulation and heart health.

    All of the benefits of a hot tub also translate into a more positive mental attitude as well. The feelings of well-being make it easier to feel positive and happy about life, and the luxurious atmosphere a hot tub creates gives people a beautiful place to share with family and friends.

    The National Sleep Foundation suggests soaking in a hot tub or bath for a half hour before bed to prepare for a better night’s sleep. The relaxation and improved circulation make it easier to fall asleep faster, sleep sounder and wake up better prepared for success.

    “To celebrate national optimism month, East Texas Spas is inviting local residents to take a free test soak to check out all the benefits of relaxing in a hot tub for themselves.” A VIP test soak includes gourmet chocolates and a glass of champagne that can be enjoyed while experiencing the many benefits of a soaking in a Hot Spring Spa. VIP test soaks are by appointment only and can be scheduled after hours with a 48-hour notice.

    People wanting to learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub are encouraged to visit the company website and pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed”. Just go to http://ILoveMySpa.com or call 903-238-8021. Consumers wanting to find the East Texas Spa location nearest them are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.

    About East Texas Spa East Texas Spa has been selling, delivering, and servicing the World's #1 Brand of Portable Hot Tubs- Hot Spring Spas®- since 1985. Great service, great selection. Since they typically maintain an inventory of over 100 hot tubs, customers will not find a better selection anywhere in the ArkLaTex.

    Along with the best-selling therapeutic Hot Spring® Spas & Hot Tubs, they also carry the popular Hot Spot® Spas and the exciting line of FreeFlow™ Budget Hot Tubs. Used, refurbished, demo, and secondhand spas are sometimes available, so be sure to check out their "Used Spas/Saunas" page often to find a great deal.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their hot tub buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed”. Just go to http://ILoveMySpa.com or call 903-238-8021.

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    National Optimism Month is a great time to help people realize the ways a healthy positive attitude benefits their lives, and shows them how to achieve a more optimistic outlook.
    - Randall Glaske, president of East Texas Spa
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