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    Hot Tubs, Saunas Portland Maine Dealer Shares Health Guide for The New Year

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    Hot Tub, Sauna and Swim Spa Dealer, Mainely Tubs Publishes “Three Ways to Improve Health in the New Year”. Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    Mainely Tubs, a hot tub, sauna and swim spa dealer serving Maine and New Hampshire publishes “Three Ways to Improve Health in the New Year.”

    “People either love to make New Year’s resolutions, or they hate doing it,” says Jim Van Fleet, President of Mainely Tubs. “Love it or hate it, New Year’s resolutions have a valuable place in people’s lives, even though they don’t always end up getting done.”

    “What New Year’s resolutions force people to do is examine their lives and think about ways they could be better,” continued Van Fleet. “Subconsciously, even people who hate New Year’s resolutions and think they are silly, end up doing the very same thing. Turning the examinations into real attributes that are valuable to their lives is more difficult.”

    Using New Year’s resolutions to improve health and well-being is one of the noblest ways to use them, and here are three ways to do that in simple, easy to do ways.

    Quit Smoking – Even more than losing weight, just this one thing can make a tremendous impact on health that will last forever. There are many ways to quit, and no one way is perfect. The important thing is to continue to try different methods until the right one sticks. Every attempt is a step in the right direction, and should never be considered a failure, even if it only lasts a day. Each day is that many less cigarettes smoked, and that much less impact on the body.

    One of the most compelling reasons to quit, is the devastating effects of smoking are reversible! That’s the best reason not to give up. The longer a person goes without smoking, the better they will feel and the healthier they will be, but even one, single day without smoking will begin the process; it isn’t something that only has benefits after months or years.

    Find Ways to Save Money – The old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned” is true. People often get depressed when they try to make more money, but are in a job with a salary cap, or no room for advancement.

    There are several ways to make money under those circumstances, find bigger sources of income, work more hours, or save money from existing income. Cut back on paying for games, or double up on video game yearly fees by dropping a gym membership and using Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation exercise programs instead. But be vigilante about sticking to the online exercise program.

    Add a Portland Hot Tub to the Yard to Get a Spa without Resort Prices – There’s no need to leave home to go to a resort, or even join an expensive gym to get the luxurious health benefits of a hot tub.

    Adding a hot tub to the yard is simple, and makes it easy to relax every day in the stress relieving waters without monthly dues or having to spend hours in traffic fighting crowds to enjoy it. Hot tubs come in plenty of sizes and shapes, and can fit into almost any spot. They have been shown to produce many health benefits to make the year healthier for everyone in the family.

    According to a study by Phillip Hooper, M.D., from the Loveland, Colorado McKee Medical Center, hot tubs offer a solution for weight loss and even help diabetics with Type II diabetes lower their blood sugar levels. Soaking in hot water is a time-honored therapy for sore muscles, aches and pains, and helping people with arthritis live more comfortably.

    Soaking for a half hour every night even helps family members get a better night’s sleep according to the National Sleep Foundation. There are unlimited ways having a hot tub makes sense, and adds to the ways people can improve their health in the New Year.

    To help celebrate the New Year, Mainely Tubs will be providing free hot tub wet tests for the entire month. They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

    To learn more about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, visit the company website. While there, pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”. Just call 207-883-6357 or go to http://MainelyTubs.com

    About Mainely Tubs Mainely Tubs has been serving Maine and New Hampshire as the leader in hot tub sales and service since 1978. They currently support 16,000+ customers and have been ranked the world’s largest Hot Spring Store for 11 years.

    Mainely Tubs is dedicated to supporting their customers' un-interrupted enjoyment of the highest quality relaxation products including HotSpring Spas, Finnleo Saunas, Big Green Egg as well as many water care products and services. Their commitment to high quality products and to their customers’ satisfaction has never wavered, and as a result, most of their business comes to them as referrals from happy customers.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of this free guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”. Just call 207-883-6357 or go to http://MainelyTubs.com

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    Love it or hate it, New Year’s resolutions have a valuable place in people’s lives.
    - Jim Van Fleet, President of Mainely Tubs
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