How to Get Organized and Organize Your Email Inbox: #4 in a 4 Part Series


Emails are both a blessing and a curse. They help us to communicate easily and quickly but at the same time often hamper our productivity. The speed of technology has many people scrambling to maintain the pace. Instant messaging, and emails streaming at us at the speed of light makes keeping up a daunting challenge. This upcoming Google Hangout with productivity coach Kathi Burns and marketing expert Alex Mandossian is designed to help viewers get out of their inbox and focus on the big business goals. Continue reading

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Apr 02, 2014 /prREACH/ -- In these modern times, the average person is bombarded with emails, text messages, and many other forms of communication, which makes keeping track of all of the incoming data really challenging. Most people try to respond to emails and texts in a timely manner but keeping up with the fast pace of communication can become exhausting.

During this last of the 4 Get Organized Hangouts titled - " How to Get Organized and Organize Your Email inBox #4 in a 4 Part Series with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns " renowned electronic broadcasting mogul, Alex Mandossian and professional organizer Kathi Burns will show viewers how to end email overwhelm and take charge of their inbox. Alex and Kathi will also discuss the many reasons why email communications hamper productivity.

Viewers will learn new skills and techniques to help take charge of overloaded inboxes. Because email communication can seriously hamper productivity, Alex and Kathi will provide solutions to help everyone become proactive instead of reactive while they are working in their inBox.

Professional organizing expert, Kathi Burns mission is to help people become more successful and get more done in less time. She is accomplishing this one “Get Organized Google Hangout” at a time.

Join this Google Hangout and learn:

*How to spend less time reading emails and take control

*When it is appropriate to write email rules

*The easiest way to become proactive and plan instead of react

*How to read once and take action, and

*Why it is a good idea to limit email correspondence.

All of these tips are based on principals from Kathi’s best-selling book: How to Master Your Muck – Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life Live Your Purpose!

Everyone who attends this hangout will receive a free download of the digital book: Get Your Email Inbox Organized and are invited to participate in a contest to win their own full copy of How to Master Your Muck!

Click on the link below to reserve your seat, and join the How to Get Organized and Organize Your Email inBox #4 in a 4 Part Series with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns on Thursday, April 11th, at noon pacific standard time.

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Kathi Burns

You were great on the hangout, very natural and I also LOVE your newsletter and website. The before and after photos are amazing and I love your Q&As as well. You look like someone who is very much in their flow – I know that if I need an organizer you are person to call!! Keep up all the good work! Elise Edmeades
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