How to Get Organized & Instantly Improve Your Productivity Aired April 3, 2014


Technology has society running fast and furious. While navigating between texts, emails, Skype and instant messaging, people are scrambling to keep pace and move at the speed of light. Maintaining, or trying to coordinate the constant flow of information leaves consumers in a haze and productivity suffers. There are proven tactics that can be implemented to deflect, move forward and keep focus on end goals. This 3rd in the series of Get Organized Google Hangouts titled How to Get Organized & Instantly Improve your Productivity with Kathi Burns and Alex Mandossian provided solid tips to reach goals without getting sidetracked by technology and other daily demands. Continue reading

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Apr 04, 2014 /prREACH/ -- With the pace of technology, many people are scrambling to keep up and spending enormous amounts of time checking emails, listening to voice mail and resounding to emails. All of this technology clutter adds up to a lack of focus on the task at hand. Not only does the task at hand suffer, big picture goals are drowned out by the minute to minute flow of information. Everyone wants to reach the big end goal and lead a simpler, less stressful life.

Kathi Burns provides information to assist viewers on their quest to become more successful during each of the Get Organized Google Hangouts.

This last Google Hangout provided tips to help viewers take control of a busy schedule and create more time for relaxation. Several techniques were given to help create new habits to get more done in less time.

During this third of four Get Organized Google Hangouts, Alex and Kathi discussed the many reasons that almost everyone seems to have less and less hours in the day. Why Kathi's clients are overloaded with responsibilities and too many tasks to accomplish in one day. People move from appointment to appointment as fast as possible often skipping breakfast and lunch.

This Google Hangout taught viewers how to easily eliminate the unnecessary appointments and tasks that hamper wealth and success. Alex and Kathi also explained ways to create a schedule that maintains focus and how to create an 'umbrella' for each day using a preset an intention. When a day is under an 'umbrella' of intention, it helps clients keep focused on the big task at hand and know what will get summed if sidetracked into another project.

All of the tips in this Google Hangout are based on principals from Kathi's Amazon best selling book How to Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life. Live Your Purpose! Every attendee will be given a free download of the digital book Get Rid of Your Paper Piles Forever and can participate in a contest to win a copy of the entire book How To Master Your Muck!

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Reserve your seat with Kathi and Alex on the last in this series of four Google hangouts. How to Get Organized and Take Back Control of the inBox and Emails Thursday April 10, 2014 at noon PST (pacific time). This is a must watch show for all of those who feel overwhelmed simply opening up their inBox!

Click the link below to watch the replay of How to Get Organized & Instantly Improve your Productivity and claim your free eBook.

This Google Hangout taught viewers how to easily eliminate the unnecessary appointments and tasks that hamper wealth and success.
- Kathi Burns
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