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EarPeace reusable earplugs can help to prevent ear damage from loud music. The concert earplugs come in a milled aluminum case to keep them clean and safe until their next use. Continue reading


Washington, DC, Jul 30, 2020 /prREACH/ -- EarPeace reusable earplugs provide reliable hearing protection for party lovers, festival-goers, and performing artists. The concert earplugs ensure clear sound at harmless decibels for the user. Available for purchase on Amazon, they are compact and handy noise reducers that can be worn over and over again.

To find out more information about the reusable earplugs, please visit https://www.amazon.com/concert-earplugs/dp/B076VVP6CX.

A spokesperson for EarPeace states, "We are proud to be the exclusive hearing protection provider to many globally recognized brands. They choose our brand because the product is awesome, and we are authentic. Brands like Metallica, RedBull, and Lollapalooza choose EarPeace because we make the highest quality earplugs — they offer noise reduction with the ability to still hear the music clearly. Our earplugs are serious music equipment for every guitar case and DJ kit, and for music lovers."

Comfortable enough to wear all day, the low profile concert earplugs have been used by professional musicians for over a decade. The premium silicone earplugs are soft and hypoallergenic, providing in-ear hearing protection when the music is live and loud. Each set of EarPeace musicians' earplugs comes with three earplugs and three filter sets for optimal ear protection. They are made from long-lasting material that keeps the user comfortable. To keep them safe and clean for the next use, the earplugs come in a milled aluminum case with two chambers.

"As a regular working musician, I have been using ear protection for some time. At this price range, these are the best earplugs I've used. They are very comfortable and offer three levels of protection. I did end up pushing one in too far the first time I used them, but my wife easily plucked it out with tweezers (they have a useful tab to make them easy to pull out). All said and done, I'm very pleased with them," an ecstatic Amazon shopper writes.

To find out more about EarPeace reusable earplugs, please visit the company's Amazon storefront or its official website.



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