Immune Support Booster with BioBran Named New Authentic Smart Food


Peak Immune 4 is a groundbreaking immune-boosting product, designed to jump-start and strengthen the immune system, fighting disease and infection. It’s patented rice bran formula is becoming the gold standard in the immune support supplement industry. Continue reading

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Gardena, CA , Mar 18, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Daiwa Health Development, Inc., has patented an authentic multi-functional immune support booster that has been praised by researchers and consumers alike for its potentially life-altering benefits. Daiwa's unique compound, RBAC, also known as BioBran, MGN-3 and BRM-4 is the central component in Peak Immune 4. RBAC is a nutrient-rich, non-toxic, functional supplement that is both food and medicine.

Daiwa Health Development, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and researcher in BioScience based in Japan. Thanks to the way Daiwa Health Development Inc. uses evidence-based medicine and collaborates with renowned institutions and researchers, its line of supplements are second to none. Peak Immune 4 is an immune health supplement that increases white blood cell production, potentially destroying infections and abnormal cells before they spread. The unique qualities of RBAC, also make the immune-boosting product an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and also a product able to help maintain normoglycemia.

Dr, Dan Kener, Ph.D., L.Ac., with 30 years of clinical experience in Chinese, Japanese, and naturopathic medicine, says that RBAC is a "Smart Food" because it either stimulates (in the case of cancers) or suppresses (in the case of autoimmune disorders) the NK-cell activity, depending on what the body needs at the moment. "It somehow knows exactly what the body needs," he says.

Peak Immune 4 is a top-selling immune health booster on the Amazon marketplace. One customer writes, "I had been looking for an immune booster for quite some time. With the coronavirus and the current flu strain, I wanted to increase my immune system to run at optimal levels. Daiwa Peak Immune4 has provided that in an easy-to-take aid. I have had no adverse side effects from this and feel great. My coworkers have all gotten some form of the flu, but I am symptom-free. Daiwa Peak Immune has definitely saved me from sick days!!"

RBAC is a natural extract from rice bran that is then modified by enzymes found in shiitake mushrooms. This component is quickly absorbed into the system safely with no side effects.

To find out more about Daiwa Health Development, Inc., and its range of products, please visit it's Amazon storefront or official website.


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