Immune System Booster Brand Discusses Relationship Between Prebiotics & Probiotics


Innovative health and wellness brand, Enviromedica recently discussed new ways to use probiotic strains paired with prebiotic ingredients. The brand’s immune system booster contains a unique, heat-killed paraprobiotic, LC-Plasma (Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma), combined with the prebiotic Larch arabinogalactan and is suitable for men, women and children. Continue reading


Austin, Texas, Oct 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Enviromedica, a company well-known for its passion for enhancing others' lives and health through inspired ingredient combinations and revolutionary formulas, recently discussed the relationship between prebiotics and probiotics. The brand's expertly formulated immune system booster contains the prebiotic Larch arabinogalactan.

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With the winter season fast approaching, the cold and flu season becomes a concern for many people. Boosting the immune system can be an effective way to get a head start on germs. The brand believes it has the right combination of ingredients to assist the body's innate and adaptive immune responses naturally.

A senior spokesperson for the company says, "When your immune system is weak, you're more susceptible to feeling stressed, sick, and sluggish. Our Immunoflora supplement has been extensively researched and tested as effective at boosting immune system function. Unlike zinc, vitamin C, elderberry or probiotic supplements, this unique immune support product activates your innate and adaptive immune systems, your body's first and second lines of defense."

Larch arabinogalactan is a non-fibrous, food-based prebiotic that supports the growth of beneficial probiotics, which are tiny living microorganisms. The most common example is in the gastrointestinal tract, where prebiotics can help balance the terrain of the gut microbiome. Prebiotics and probiotics may support helpful bacteria and other microorganisms in the gut.

The company states its immune booster for men can be perfectly paired with probiotics, acting as a probiotic fuel. Having a good supply of probiotics in the body has the following benefits as outlined in an article by Healthline, a trusted online source for health:

  • Probiotics help balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system. These benefits are thought to result from probiotics' ability to restore the natural balance of gut bacteria.
  • Probiotics can help prevent and treat diarrhea by reducing the risk and severity of diarrhea from many different causes.
  • Research shows taking probiotics may help improve symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress and memory, among others.
  • Specific probiotic strains can help keep your heart healthy by lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Probiotics may reduce the severity of certain allergies and eczema.
  • Probiotics can help reduce symptoms of certain digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis, IBS and necrotizing enterocolitis.
  • Probiotics may help boost your immune system and inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria. Also, some probiotics have been shown to promote the production of natural antibodies in the body. They may also boost immune cells like the IgA-producing cells, T lymphocytes and natural killer cells.
  • Probiotics may help you lose weight and belly fat through several different mechanisms.

With quality control and quality assurance at the forefront, Enviromedica strictly follows cGMP manufacturing, is ISO22716-Certified, and operates in an FDA-compliant facility in Austin, Texas. The brand assures customers, "We know you value quality first and rely on us to produce nothing less than the best. We are committed to providing pure, natural, and potent, pharmaceutical grade nutrition -- continuously striving to innovate, with exciting new formulas and products for you."

For those interested in learning more about Enviromedica's immune system booster, visit the official company website or Amazon storefront.


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