Immunity Booster Aids Natural Immune Function for Weak Immune Systems


Daiwa Health Development’s proven immunity booster, Immune Peak 4, aids natural immune function for anyone suffering from a weak immune system. The product is formulated with natural rice bran arabinoxylan compound. Continue reading

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Gardena, CA , Mar 24, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Daiwa Health Development is offering its immunity booster as an aid in the defense against a weakened immune system. "We are committed to offering high quality, well-researched, naturally derived aids proven to benefit an individual's quality of life," says senior spokesperson for the brand, Hank Cheatham.

Many people suffer from weakened immune systems, leaving them susceptible to such things as infection, severe or hard to treat illnesses, blood disorders or abnormalities, inflammation of internal organs, digestive issues, and possible growth and developmental delays.

Many factors can play a role in weakening a person's immune system. Environmental factors such as overly processed food and drinks that are high in sugars, their age, certain medications and medical treatments, poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol can all have a negative effect on immunity. Immunodeficiency disorders can also be present from birth.

People looking to boost their immune systems can turn to Daiwa Health's Immune Peak 4. The immune booster triples natural killer cell activity, increases B-and-T-cell counts and supports healthy cytokine activity levels to maintain and enhance immune system health. The safe, all-natural booster is formulated with trusted and proven rice bran arabinoxylan compound (RBAC).

"Extensive studies have shown that naturally derived RBAC is superior to pharmaceutical immune stimulants. In all the clinical trials conducted to date, no serious side effects, toxicity, or drug interactions have been reported," Cheatham noted. "RBAC is unique; it can be taken continuously without compromising its ability to enhance immune function."

A recent Amazon reviewer comments, "I do feel this product has helped my immune system while going into public places. I usually catch everything and have remained healthy!"

Anyone interested in learning more about Daiwa Health Development's immunity booster can find information on the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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