Improving Amazon Inventory Performance Index Explained by Inventory Management Expert on Lunch With Norm Blog


Amazon sellers interested in improving their Amazon Inventory Performance Index can find expert advice from Chelsea Cohen on the “Lunch With Norm” Amazon FBA blog.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jun 22, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Amazon seller, speaker and copywriting expert Chelsea Cohen recently shared her advice on how a business can improve its Amazon Inventory Performance Index (IPI) on the e-commerce blog “Lunch With Norm.” Cohen is the co-founder of, the first fully customizable, fully understandable inventory management software for Amazon sellers.

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Amazon IPI has been rolled out as a way for Amazon to measure how well sellers are managing their inventory. The score is calculated as a number between 0-1000. In May 2020, Amazon increased the minimum threshold from 350 to 400 and then again, in July 2020, Amazon increased it to 500. A score over 500 means a brand is excelling at inventory management, and a number below 500 can leave sellers with inventory restrictions by Amazon.

Although the exact formula used to calculate IPI is unknown, Cohen says stranded inventory, excess inventory sell-through and in-stock inventory are top factors that can influence a seller’s score.

With these factors in mind, Cohen suggests four ways to increase an Amazon IPI score:

  1. Manage stranded inventory by relisting a product, making the listing live, and un-stranding inventory. Alternatively, a seller can remove or dispose of the stranded inventory from their account.
  2. Eliminate excess inventory. A brand can create a sale or drop the price to move the inventory quickly, dispose of the stock, or return stock to a warehouse.
  3. Boost sell-through rate by increasing advertising efforts and working on listings. Offering Lightning Deals or coupons can be used to encourage customers to make a purchase.
  4. Make sure to always stay in stock. Set a buffer stock system within Amazon FBA and any outside warehouses to act as a safety net against stock-outs by taking action well before running out.

“Currently, Amazon requires its sellers to be more proactive with taking care of their IPI score, with the main goal of managing their inventory successfully,” Cohen explains. “How you operated your business in the past likely won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to make the long-postponed upgrade to your logistics systems and work on improving your IPI.”

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Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon seller, speaker & copywriting expert. To solve her own inventory management problems, faced with disappointing options, Chelsea teamed up with Dan Fernandez of to build out After 2 years testing tons of inventory software and crowd-sourcing the best spreadsheets and systems from top seven-and-eight-figure sellers, SoStocked’s forecasting algorithm evolved into something completely unique on the market: the first fully customizable, fully understandable inventory management software for Amazon sellers. Chelsea is also well-known for her unique perspective on Amazon listing copy on, seeing some students and clients achieve increases of over 20% conversions using her techniques. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, Seller Stories with Jungle Scout, and the Amazing Summit stage. |


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