Nearly Indestructible Dog Toys Released to Increase Value & Eliminate Waste

  • Date: Jul 12, 2019
  • Category: Pets

CUDLTUF releases innovative dog toys for aggressive chewers that cut down on waste and last longer. Continue reading

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Oakland, CA, Jul 12, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Surveys and reviews have shown consumer dissatisfaction with the huge amount of waste that comes along with most dog chew toys. Some companies are taking these reviews into account and developing tough dogs that last longer and do not make a mess on the floor. One of these brands is CUDLTUF, which has recently released two new, nearly indestructible dog toys for the aggressive chewer on Amazon.

CUDLTUF's nearly indestructible dog toys are meant to last longer, mitigating the cost of constantly buying new dog toys while lessening the potential annoyances of toy stuffing spread across floors. The company has developed an innovative assembly technique that allows for its material to go further.

Sue Rodgerson, co-owner of the woman-owned company says, "It is unfortunate how the cuteness of dog toys always seems to decrease, the more durable a toy is. Dogs should enjoy their toys, and studies even prove that their toys should stand up to their personalities, too. With technology available today, there is no reason why puppies and fully grown dogs should not have cute toys that can stand up to their energy. That's why we have released two new fun, cute, and robust toys."

CUDLTUF's Large Magic Unicorn and Large Rainbow dog toys include appendages, colours and different textures for the dog to enjoy, so there is plenty of selection when choosing a toy. Both feature bright colors that could potentially be entertaining for both dogs and even children during playtime, the company says.

CUDLTUF's use of Aduratek technology and its 3D spacer mesh inner lining in its toys gives a robust construction, leaving the toys soft yet durable. The company aims to show that a balance can be achieved between engaging, fun toys with durability. For example, the heavy-duty squeaker inside its toys is meant to resist puncture, but will continue to squeak in the event it is punctured by the dog, the company says.

These toys may come as a relief for pet owners who want to spend less money on dog toys by buying a single product that lasts longer, points out Rodgerson. Reflecting other trends in the production of high-end toys, CUDLTUF has aptly opened up a category within dog toys for high quality manufacturing.

Those interested in learning more about these toys can visit CUDLTUF's website or its Amazon listings.


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