Countertop Compost Container Offers Two Options for Home Composters


Third Rock’s countertop compost container is designed to make composting at home quick and easy. This bin comes with a removable inner bucket that can be used for the efficient disposal of waste. Users can also choose to use compost bin liners. Continue reading

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Ashgrove, QLD, Dec 20, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Third Rock's countertop compost container comes with two alternatives for efficient waste disposal at home from the kitchen countertop to the outside compost pit, the brand says. This bin allows the user to choose between the built-in inner pail or compost bin liners for easy disposal without the need for frequent cleaning.

Jason Hetherington, the senior spokesperson for the company, says, "We have designed our eco-conscious compost bin as the ideal indoor waste equipment. Not only is it a beautiful piece that blends perfectly with indoor d├ęcor, but the bin was also created for ultimate convenience. One of its perks is its removable inner bucket that allows our customers to dispose of the contents easily with minimal washing. Users can also opt to use commercial compost bin liners instead of the bucket. Even less cleaning is required in such an instance. Our two-way compost bucket is not only stylish but multifunctional."

The compost bin for kitchen counter can be used with or without compost bags. The bin comes with an inner pail that can be removed once it is full of waste. "After disposal, the bucket should be hand-washed with warm soapy water and replaced for the next use," Hetherington adds. The second option allows users to use compost bin liners instead of the inner pail.

A happy customer writes, "Good size. I fit half a watermelon's worth of rinds plus some fruits and veggies in there. I bought the compost bags to go with it, so it's been an easy clean. No smell that I can tell after two weeks using it."

"I absolutely love, love, love this. I chose this design because it has the plastic insert, and I know me, I am a person who wouldn't clean the pot regularly enough. The plastic insert ensures that I don't have to worry about ruining my beautiful pot," writes another pleased buyer.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the countertop compost container from Third Rock should visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.



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