Informational Health Tips Website Updates Design

  • Date: Feb 02, 2015
  • Category: Health

Leading online health resource,, updates their website to make it easier to access relevant information. Continue reading

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Feb 02, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something every adult learns to appreciate, especially as they grow older and the importance of being able to live life pain free becomes especially significant. With the prevalence of popular web sources filled with content published by trustworthy contributors, it becomes even more critical that any website which wants to stand out in this competitive industry needs to understand it's target audience and cater to them. The founders of know this well and recently updated the look and feel of their website with a new design to reflect this.

While other websites in the health industry are placing more attention on installing the latest technology and incorporating as much social media sharing functions as possible, the publishers at understood that the majority of their readers were not impressed with all the shiny objects. Through constant feedback in comments as well as correspondence by email, the overwhelming demand was to keep things simple and to the point. The website readers are more concerned with quality content that addresses the issues they have come there to find. By keeping the design streamlined with important categories featured prominently and a simple to use search function, the response has been very favorable with a dramatic increase in online interaction throughout all website pages.

The at first glance simplistic design does not reveal all the technical code that helps to keep everything neat and easy to navigate but also provide the valuable data to keep on improving. This fact is what the owners of the website are most proud of since they are huge believers of not having any technology interfere with the experience. Consuming content on the website should seem like a seamless process and the new website design hopefully fulfills this philosophy the owners have set forth.

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