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    Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Cold and Shallow? Here’s Why Dr. Anthony G. Beck Thinks So.

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    Dr. Anthony G. Beck has revealed his concerns over the ALS ice bucket challenge. He suggests that it is simply a cold and shallow display of fun and that we should focus more on preventing Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis rather can curing it after it has manifested.

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    Dr. Anthony G. Beck has revealed his concerns regarding the ALS ice bucket challenge as he feels that rather than being the self-proclaimed awareness raising device it is pretending to be, it is actually a bit of clever social marketing that has taken off as the latest and greatest fad. He has expressed his concern over the possibility that the people participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge videos being posted on social networks are just doing it out of fun rather than because of the knowledge or care for those who have the disease. Dr. Beck explains:

    "It is true that America is filled with fun-loving and caring people. However, the viral ice bucket challenge has downgraded our sense of responsibility to our fellow human to a one time display of fun."

    ALS is a neurodegenerative disorder that is often characterized by progressive weakness in the muscles, as well as spasms. It affects people all across America and on a global scale, and throughout Dr. Beck's explanation of why he believes the ALS ice bucket challenge to be very questionable, he also explains that his Grandmother was a victim of the disease.

    This fact raises the question as to why he is against the videos being made in its honor, and he answers it by asking how many people who have completed the task know what the letters ALS really stand for and whether they know how it presents itself in the human body. Dr. Beck says the following on the matter:

    "If you cannot effectively answer those two simple question and you have dumped the ice bucket on your head, then this pop culture trend is a big fat failure. And you have become a bucket head!"

    His argument also includes facts and figures involving the $24 million dollars in received revenues that the ALS association receives, including the $12.5 million to run it, $4 million for non-employee labor, and $4 million for travel expenses. He also explains that more than 50% of the money that comes in is used to support salaries, based on the tax returns, with $1 million spent on lobbying efforts.

    Dr. Beck stresses that while he doesn't believe that the ALS association is corrupt, they seem to be going about raising awareness, promoting prevention, and working on a possible cure all wrong. The fad is giving rise to ice bucket challenge celebrities and one-upmanship when it should be telling the world what ALS is and how the disease takes affect so that they can spot signs and symptoms and support a future where it no longer affects the world.

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