Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Provides Easier Chopping In The Kitchen


Kuma Knives’ razor-sharp Damascus steel chef knives provide easier chopping in the kitchen for professional chefs and home cooks.


COPENHAGEN, DK, May 03, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Widely accepted to be one of the most important tools a cook can use, a sharp chef's knife has become an essential investment for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Kuma Knives, a sub-company of KUMA, has set out to help home cooks prepare better meals by using Japanese chef’s knives made with Damascus steel.

Ranked “Amazon's Choice” for Damascus steel, Kuma's eight-inch Japanese chef knife claims to be razor sharp out of the box with the ability to cut through almost anything with ease. Made with 67 layers of premium Japanese steel and crafted in a world-class facility by expert bladesmiths, the company's mission is to provide consumers with cost-effective, razor-sharp knives designed for lightweight maneuverability.

A spokesperson for the company says, “it is deeply embedded in our DNA to create something that is as useful as it is beautiful. Home cooks and professionals alike know that the best way to slice food is with a sharp knife - slicing tomatoes with a dull knife can be such a headache! We've set out to help cooks in their meal preparation by designing a knife that remains sharp for long periods of time, and cost-effective, constructed out of Damascus steel. Damascus steel knives provide strong durability and sharpness that exceeds other types of knives."

Damascus steel chef knives contain different layers of steel folded together repeatedly, achieving a strong core and razor-sharp blade. In addition, Kuma's Japanese chef knife has set out to rival others in comfort.

Kuma's spokesperson continues, "knives that are heavy and hard to hold can tire out the arms and cause the user to prepare misshapen food. It is important that handles are ergonomically designed, ultra comfortable, and lightweight since it means your arm won't tire while chopping and your vegetables will be smoothly cut instead of mashed."

Requiring minimal bolster for smooth and thorough cutting using both regular or pinch grip, Kuma’s Japanese steel knives have a hand-polished soft spine with a lightweight design for what the brand calls "the most razor sharp experience." One satisfied cook states:

“[The 8” Japanese Damascus steel chef knife] is extremely sharp out of the box and feels balanced in the hand. The blade geometry is such that cutting is intuitive and I am not left with any partially-cut food as with some other knives. I am looking forward to getting a lot of use from this knife and am extremely happy with my purchase.”

Cooking enthusiasts can find more information about Kuma Knives by visiting their official website or Amazon storefront.

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