Joint Pain Reducing Supplement By Marine Essentials Utilizes Omega-3 Formula

  • Date: Aug 01, 2014
  • Category: Health

Breakthrough joint-pain supplement combines Fruitex-B, 5-Loxin, and Calamarine can provide relief from joint pain in as little as 7 days. Increases blood flow while reducing joint stiffness by as much as 62%. Continue reading

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Aug 01, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The Chicago based company, Marine Essentials, has announced that based on recent research, it appears a key factor in suppressing joint inflammation is Omega-3 fatty acids. OmegaFlex, one of its strongest selling nutrient formulations, reduces stress through treating and combating joint inflammation throughout the body, thus reducing harmful hormone or enzyme secretions that aggravate pain, and inhibit one from feeling energetic or a sense of vitality. The pain and inflammation formula developed by Marine Essentials, researchers say, basically applies the finding of a report, covering 17 studies, that strongly indicated omega-3's are an attractive supplemental treatment in fighting joint pain.

The company is currently promoting the product on the and Amazon sales page. The key to its effectiveness, report health advocates, is the reduction of the effects of stress on the brain, the organ that helps trigger the body's physiology and its reactions. The relief the product provides to the joints has an end effect of improving the ability of the body to more efficiently “lubricate” the joint points on the body in such a manner as to permit them to move more freely, even when they are painful. In addition to fighting inflammation, Omega Flex “stops the enzymes that destroy cartilage in joints, maintains healthy joints by increasing blood flow to them and reduces joint stiffness by as much as 62%,” as stated on their Amazon product page.

Unlike traditional joint supplements, the product accomplishes its inflammation reduction through ingredients, such as Fruitex-B, 5-Loxin, and Calamarine (omega-3). Testimonials have been strongly positive, with one customer calling it "best supplement I've ever tried for joint pain and flexibility." The consumer notes that “I have only taken 1/2 bottle of OmegaFlex, and I have significantly less joint pain, and a lot more flexibility. I bowl in a league once a week with my wife, where my knees can really hinder my ability to enjoy the sport, and since taking OmegaFlex, I almost have no pain at all. Great product!! I am now ordering OmegaFlex four months at a time!”

Marine Essentials is committed to bringing such natural formulas to market, which accomplish multiple positive results for health consumers. “When choosing ingredients, formulations, we go through a long process and seek out the best researchers, scientists, and manufacturers to make sure our supplements are of the highest quality.” The company expects to continue production of Omega FIex and similar powerful, effective supplements for consumers well into the new century.

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