Jordan Harbinger Reveals Future Of Podcasting On Bacon Wrapped Business Podcast


Jordan Harbinger is one of the top podcast hosts on iTunes with his syndicated talk show, “The Art Of Charm Podcast.” He reveals the future of podcasting and other strategies on the hit podcast “Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo” Continue reading

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Jul 31, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Jordan Harbinger is one of the top podcast hosts on iTunes with his syndicated talk show, “The Art Of Charm Podcast.”  Jordan, a former lawyer turned men’s social transformation expert is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a unique business that helps guys not only become better with women, but also to be better men.

However, In his widely syndicated show, Jordan covers a diverse array of topics from health to wealth and of course relationships.

Jordan was recently a featured guest on another hit podcast that’s rocketing up the iTunes charts called “Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo.”  In his show, Costanzo promises “sizzling hot business advice guaranteed to make you fat… profits!”

This episode featuring Harbinger is no different as Brad coerced him for his best advice for fellow podcasters on the future of the platform and how big the opportunity is right now.

Jordan revealed some of the discussions he’s has as a premiere partner with Apple and how their foray into car audio is going to change the game with Apple’s CarPlay.

This episode also offers some sizzling insight on how to grow a business.  Brad and Jordan will hit important points on:

  • Why podcasting is far superior to satellite radio for building an audience
  • The importance of paying for advice and coaching
  • The power of having one's own platform
  • How one interview netted 1,200 new subscribers in 48 hours for a single guest
  • The parallel between dating and business
  • And more

Whether or not someone is a podcaster or not, if they're in business and want to get noticed or if they're simply a guy trying to improve their life, Jordan Harbinger and Brad Costanzo deliver great advice in this episode of Bacon Wrapped Business.

Brad Costanzo is a serial entrepreneur, direct response marketing expert and consultant to companies looking to build their business and expand their profit using proven marketing campaigns and digital strategies.

Bacon Wrapped Business is his weekly talk show where he invites business experts and entrepreneurs to share their insights and advice with his audience.

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