Kavcor Security Solutions Introduces New Hidden Camera For Home Or Office


Nanny Cam with video only mode designed for legal operation in all States and Provinces. Continue reading

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Dec 17, 2013 /prREACH/ -- Kavcor Security Solutions has introduced a new hidden camera for the home, office, or when traveling, that can be legally used in all States and Canada.

“One of the issues with hidden recording devices is that in several States and Provinces, making audio recordings without the knowledge and permission of at least one participant in the conversation is illegal” said Kavar Peters, Kavcor Security Solutions President.

“This unit has a video only mode as well as an audio and video mode so you can use it no matter where you live without breaking any State laws.”

Some States go further than that and require consent from both parties, essentially making all covert audio recordings illegal without a court order. These States include California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. Hawaii allows one-party consent for audio recordings in public places, but requires two-party consent for recordings in private places.

Nanny Cams have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has become available to the general public and as stories involving exposure of abuse to children and elders in care facilities, through the use of hidden cameras, have become widely reported in the media.

“People need to realize that it isn’t just that using a hidden audio recording is inadmissible in a legal proceeding. It is an illegal act to covertly record audio in some jurisdictions, and that act could be subject to criminal charges” said Peters.

Legislation does not specifically cover video, which means there is no jurisdiction that prohibits the covert taking of video, subject to privacy laws.

“All jurisdictions recognize the principal of reasonable expectation of privacy” said Peters. “That means you would be contravening these privacy laws by recording in places such as washrooms, private bedrooms and the like, without permission from all parties.”

The company says that The Kavcor Hidden Camera and Mini DVD Player is a perfect solution for anyone wanting to have surveillance in a room at home or at work when they aren’t there. In addition to the camera, which is completely hidden, the unit has a high quality speaker and can play MP3 audio files straight from an external device or MP4 video files for entertainment. It has also been designed to make it look like it belongs in any room, from living room, to kitchen, to office or even hotel room.

Kavcor Security Solutions is a security services company providing quality security and surveillance solutions. For more information please visit www.kavcorsecuritysolutions.com


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