Kent Clothier Releases 2 Reports Revealing Great News for Real Estate Investors


Giving real estate investors everywhere a taste of what is in store for them on the cash buyers market, and also a clue as to just how many vacant properties are available out there, Kent Clothier releases two free reports, generated by his cutting edge real estate investment systems Find Cash Buyers and Find Motivated Sellers Now. Continue reading

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Jan 22, 2014 /prREACH/ -- (January 22, 2014) San Diego, CA—Kent Clothier has just released two valuable reports to the public, absolutely free of charge.

Revealing the number of vacant properties across the nation for the month of December 2013, as well as the total number of Cash buyer purchases for that same period, Clothier has given real estate investors everywhere a taste of the incredible possibilities that await them as the housing market continues to improve.

Clothier, president and CEO of Real Estate World Wide, is a successful real estate investor, teacher, success coach and best selling Amazon author of Reverse Wholesaling: How To Work Backwards To Make Quick Cash In Real Estate.

Long known for his ability to recognize changes on the real estate investment playing field, as well as target challenges that are presenting in any given market, Clothier has a sharp intuition for what is needed and what works. As a result, he and his team at REWW have been developing cutting edge systems that give real estate investors that competitive edge needed to beat the competition.

Two of these cutting edge systems are generating highly valuable reports and Clothier has just released the reports to the public, absolutely free of charge.

In the first of the two, Clothier reveals through the report generated by Find Cash Buyers Now, that the total number of cash purchases during the last month of 2013 came in at 20,014 nationwide, with a total dollar volume of $2,733,664,400.

In the second report, Clothier shows the number of vacant properties through his Find Motivated Sellers Now reporting system, astounding those who thought that inventory was limited, with numbers coming in at 2,514, 523 vacant properties with an estimated value of $$295,348,661,958

To get a copy of these two valuable reports, visit Clothiers blog and download them for yourself.

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