Kids Rollerblades Brand a Top 20 Choice for Junior Inline Skates on Amazon

  • Date: Feb 11, 2020
  • Category: Family

XinoSports, the first company to have an illuminating inline skate on the market, is happy to report its kids’ rollerblades are on the Top 20 Best Sellers list for Children’s Inline Skates on Amazon. Continue reading

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FEASTERVILLE TREVOSE, PA, Feb 11, 2020 /prREACH/ -- XinoSports is happy to report its kids rollerblades are among the Top 20 Best Sellers in Children's Inline Skates on Amazon. XinoSports was the first company to have an illuminating inline skate on the market and has become a family favorite since.

The company is currently featuring its adjustable kids inline skates for girls and boys with light-up wheels in the very popular black/aqua color scheme. The adjustable sizes youth Medium (1-4) and Large (5-8) can last from youth into young adulthood. Rollerblades for boys are suitable for use in skating rinks, for roller derby and roller hockey as well as outdoors around the neighborhood.

XinoSports spokesperson, Zaria Anders, gave these positive reasons to encourage inline skating for children:

  1. Roller skating makes children more physically active
  2. It boosts children's self-esteem
  3. It encourages healthy lifestyle habits
  4. It develops body coordination and achieves steady rhythm and balance in children
  5. Children get to understand the "no pain, no gain" attitude early in life.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews have been written about the rollerblades boys from satisfied Amazon customers. One reviewer had this to say, "My son started to learn how to skate both on ice and on the wheel. The inline skate is pretty close to ice skates, and he can adapt pretty quickly. The light-up wheels are pretty cool and build quality is excellent. The wheels use magnetic and kinetic energy to light up without battery power. The shoes can also be adjusted to a larger size up to four sizes. This will make your investment prolong for an extended time. Plus you will get your return back after 15 sessions assuming rental shoes cost $4. Highly recommended."

For those wanting more information on XinoSports kids rollerblades, please visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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