Kiran Udeshi and Arlene Udeshi Continue To Support Local Communities


Throughout the holiday season the Udeshi family worked to support local charitable organizations. Kiran Udeshi and Arlene Udeshi continue their work with a focus on several new activities designed to support local communities. Continue reading

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Feb 17, 2014 /prREACH/ -- February 13, 2014—Chino Hills, California—Kiran Udeshi and his family are continuing their work with local charitable organizations throughout the year by donating time and money to a wide range of charitable groups. Kiran Udeshi and his wife Arlene not only give generous financial support to several groups but also add a personal touch by donating their time and effort. For example, the couple has rescued four large breed rescue dogs and also volunteered time with many local agencies to help children and adults.

Kiran Udeshi says that his family has played a significant role in making him aware of the need to give back to the community. “It is critical that everyone give back in one way or another if we are to solve many of our society’s issues,” says Udeshi.

Among the charitable organizations to whom the Udeshis have donated time and money are:

• KidCare International. This organization supports programs in Africa that bring hope to disadvantaged children by supporting orphanages, sports camps, food programs and study abroad programs that allow students to see first-hand the effects of poverty on indigenous communities. Kiran Udeshi and his family regularly donate money and time to KidCare programs.

• Susan G. Komen and American Cancer Society. Susan Komen has become the symbol of the fight against breast cancer, and the American Cancer Society, celebrating its 100th birthday, leads the fight to find a cure. Kiran Udeshi, Arlene Udeshi and their family are all involved in many activities to support these worthy causes.

• Locks of Love. Arlene Udeshi recently donated hair to the Locks of Love campaign. Her Locks of Love story is told at

• Child Protective Services. Kiran Udeshi feels a special push to help disadvantaged and abused children and regularly supports Child Protective Services in their efforts to find foster homes for children.

With time and generosity, Kiran Udeshi and Arlene Udeshi believe they can make a difference in the lives of many local people.

About Kiran Udeshi: Kiran Udeshi and his wife Arlene live in Chino Hills, California, and regularly donate time and money to philanthropic causes.

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“It is critical that everyone give back in one way or another if we are to solve many of our society’s issues.”
- Kiran Udeshi
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