Kitchen Compost Bin Brand Answers to High Customer Demand


Home essentials brand, BelleMark, has happily met high customer demand for its indoor kitchen compost bin. The popular compost bin is made with sustainable acacia wood and food-grade stainless steel. Continue reading


Norton, OH, Dec 18, 2020 /prREACH/ -- The BelleMark indoor kitchen compost bin has been met with such resounding success that it was out of stock for over 60 days. BelleMark would like to announce that it has worked with suppliers to source new, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to meet user demand. Inventory is now back in stock and available for purchase.

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Mark Koncz, the company’s senior spokesperson, recently spoke about its initiative to meet customer demand. “Our compost bin was out of stock for over 60 days due to several contributing factors. Not only was there overwhelming demand for it, but COVID and diminished acacia wood stock from our suppliers also limited product inventory.”

Koncz continues, “While we recognize the demand, we want to do it in an environmentally conscious way. In addition, we are exploring other materials, and these alternatives are scheduled to launch mid-2021.”

In recognizing the need for the sustainable development of its forest sector to respond to economic and environmental challenges, the company’s raw material suppliers have embarked on a major project entitled “Integrated Intensive Forest Management (IIFM) Project” with Canadian partners.

“This project was designed to help introduce modern forest management methods,” Koncz adds. “In addition, a research cooperative has also been launched. This program includes three subprojects and will enhance national research on the intensive management and utilization of the plantation resource.”

The brand’s decorative acacia countertop compost bin boasts many attractive features that appeal to composting enthusiasts:

  • A rustic and elegant design makes for a stylish accent piece for any kitchen counter
  • Is a discreet alternative to large pails and trash cans
  • Made with sustainable acacia wood and food-grade stainless steel that will not rot or rust
  • Convenient 1.6-gallon scrap bin reduces the need to empty the bin frequently
  • The secure lid blocks smells while also ensuring flies, insects and other pests can't get into the compostable waste
  • Removable stainless steel bin is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe
  • Company offers a satisfaction guarantee

Amazon customers have been sharing their reviews of the in-demand kitchen compost container. One reviewer commented, “This easy-to-clean, gorgeous counter bin is my reward for putting effort into setting up composting! This is an elegant and efficient choice while you are about your business of saving the planet.”

To learn more about BelleMark’s widely popular indoor compost bin, please visit the company’s Facebook page or Amazon storefront.

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