Kitchen Compost Bin Company Adds to Product Line to Meet Growing Demand


Third Rock, a zero-waste company with a focus on providing composting accessories to households, has recently added a larger kitchen compost bin to its collection to help meet increasing demand from the market. Continue reading

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Ashgrove, QLD, Dec 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Third Rock is pleased to announce the expansion of its leading line of zero-waste products. The company, with a focus on advocating for living waste-free without compromising style, has recently added a larger variation of its popular kitchen compost bin to its growing line. The new 1.3-gallon, 5-liter bin is a welcomed addition from the company, as the compost market continues to see significant growth and demand.

Jason Hetherington, a senior spokesperson for Third Rock, says, "The compost market is not slowing down, especially with the increasing advancements in technology and awareness in households and schools nationwide. We've seen a huge demand in compost bin countertop decor and felt it was necessary to add this larger size to our line. We want to keep composting easy and stylish, and I think we've achieved this with our bins. This helps further the growth and enthusiasm around living a zero-waste lifestyle and becoming more cognizant of where our waste goes."

Recent research on compost market trends and dynamics shows that the zero-waste lifestyle is gaining popularity throughout the U.S., with more people seeking alternative means to minimize the waste they leave behind. Hetherington says that taking small steps at home can help households start building daily waste-free habits, such as keeping a bin on a kitchen counter for composting purposes only.

"There has been a significant increase in sales over recent years of our products, as they help families and households live with less waste. These compost bin kitchen accessories are an easy way for you to start composting. Sometimes people think that composting can be complicated or too much work, but a lot of families we hear back from say that starting small helps encourage them to keep going, and then they start to seek other ways to do even more. It's been amazing to see," Hetherington adds.

Third Rock's newest compost bin is constructed of carbon and stainless steel, and the company states that the bin will not rust or crack over time. A charcoal filter and removable inner pail liner are also included, which have been designed to keep the compost container odor-and-fly-free. The company adds that a rustic and vintage design also suits many home kitchen decors.

Those interested in learning more about Third Rock's waste-free products can visit the company's Amazon storefront or official website.



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