Kitchen Compost Bin with Environment-friendly Features Launches on Amazon


BelleMark has announced the Amazon launch of its new line of environmentally friendly countertop compost bins, made of sustainable acacia wood. The product has been designed to help users minimize food waste while beautifying their kitchen. Continue reading

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Norton, OH, Aug 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- BelleMark is pleased to announce the official launch of its new kitchen compost container on Amazon. Made of food-grade stainless steel and sustainable acacia wood, the product has a rustic, elegant look that makes it the perfect accent piece for any kitchen counter. The 1.6-gallon stainless steel bin features a secure lid that blocks smell while ensuring that flies, insects and other pests can't get into compostable waste.

More about BelleMark's environment-friendly compost bins can be found at

The compost bin for kitchen countertop from BelleMark comprises two parts: a beautiful acacia wood box and a removable 24-gauge stainless steel bin. It has been manufactured using high-quality materials that provide impressive sturdiness to the countertop compost bin. The product is 100% rust-proof and is easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe. Alternatively, this kitchen compost container can be hand-washed under running water.

The process of composting is hugely beneficial to the environment, not only because it reduces the amount of food and garden waste thrown away, which in turn reduces the emissions of methane greenhouse gas, but it's also a crucial part of the nitrogen cycle. Plants need nitrogen-rich soil to grow, so soil from compost will add to the natural nitrogen cycle by returning enriched soil to the ground. This means fewer chemical fertilizers are needed, resulting in a more organic, healthy plant system.

"We are pleased to introduce an environmentally friendly and more aesthetically appealing option to kitchen counter compost containers as our product is made of sustainable acacia wood. We recognize the benefits of composting for reducing the impact of wasted food by feeding the soil and composting. So far, the demographic we have had the most success with is small, home-based gardeners or smaller farmers," said Mark Koncz, a spokesperson from BelleMark.

Acacia wood, the wood used in BelleMark's indoor compost bin, is considered environmentally friendly because the acacia tree nourishes the soil by fixing nitrogen and restoring fertility. They give shelter and shade to farmers and animals while producing acacia gum. They are a sustainable resource, and their harvest increases the productivity of other cultivations and prevents desertification. Acacias can hold available water, even from remote depths. The grass carpet created by the bush prevents water run-off and contributes to a reconstruction of water tables.

"5/5, would recommend! I have BelleMark's Compost Bin, and it is amazing. Really conceals any composted food items smell and is dishwasher safe. Its cost-efficient, wonderful design, looks sleek and luxurious. Recently moved and everyone who helped noticed and loved our new compost container," a satisfied user mentioned in his Amazon review.

More about the product is available at or the company's official website.


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