Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier for Yard Prevents Seed Germination, Brand Says


FLARMOR, a brand known for its weed protection products, has recently discussed the importance of its landscape fabric weed barrier in preventing seed germination. The company’s weed barrier is currently selling successfully on Amazon. Continue reading


Torrance, CA, Mar 19, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Well-known weed prevention and control brand FLARMOR has recently highlighted how a landscape fabric weed barrier can be used to prevent seeds from germinating. Its flagship product, its woven landscape fabric, has already received over 200 reviews on Amazon. Many gardening enthusiasts have used this product for weed control and for creating beautiful landscape designs.

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Germination is the process of seeds developing into new plants. Several factors influence germination. The most important of these factors are water availability, temperature and sunlight. Weed barrier fabrics starve the soil of sunlight and stop weeds from growing underneath it to keep seeds from germinating in the soil.

"Ground cover landscape fabric is ideal for long-term weed prevention for plantings without coverings. This garden weed barrier consists of three layers of laminated, spunbond plastic fabric for extra strength and light blockage. 3.2 ounces weedblock fabric yard is an excellent preventer of the weed seeds' germination," says a spokesperson from the brand.

"Woven polypropylene landscape fabric provides a wide range of functions, such as absorbency, resilience, strength, washability, cushioning, filter, bacterial barrier and package protection," the spokesperson continues. "These features are often combined to create commercial-grade, heavy-duty landscape fabric suited for specific jobs while achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost."

This fabric can be set up easily without using any special equipment. Apart from weed control, the barrier can also be used to protect soil from sudden weather changes and erosion.

The weed barrier fabric from FLARMOR is environmentally friendly and is resistant to hostile ground environments. The materials present in this fabric can withstand acids, bases, and other hazardous materials often found in soil. Serving as a separation layer, it helps maintain weed-free backyards without much hassle.

One of the most noteworthy features of the product is its WeedStop Technology, which helps users prevent large weed growth on outdoor displays quickly and easily. This premium quality landscaping fabric blocks weeds from growing and stealing valuable nutrients from the plants in the gardens. Moreover, this woven weed blocker fabric mat can survive in direct sunlight because it is UV-stabilized.

"It seemed very strong and durable. We used it to put under our trees to prevent weeds from growing under and put mulch on top. It worked really well — a high-quality product," a delighted user says in an Amazon review.

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