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  • Date: Dec 31, 2014
  • Category: Health

BeyondAging.com, leading beauty tips website, take on a new consultant with a unique twist on traditional remedies. Continue reading

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Dec 31, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Having been online since 2006, leading beauty advice website, BeyondAging.com has lead the field in publishing content that is both informative and relevant concerning beauty tips. While fads come and go, the founders of Beyond Aging understand that not all beauty regimens are created equal since every woman is not the same. Knowing that their website visitors are bombarded with beauty and fashion tips from thousands of other beauty websites, the owners knew to focus most of their efforts in connecting with them early on to distinguish themselves from the rest. This is why they are always looking to find talent such as Megan Lee, leading beautician based out of Los Angeles, California, to join the team.

Megan has experienced dealing with all types of skin types from all over the world and has been hired for all nature of events including weddings, sweet 16's, reunions, Christenings, business events, speed dating events, and even private sessions with actors,  "You'd be surprised some of the requests my clients would ask for such as only using certain types of herbs from a particular region of a country to put on their face," says Megan. She goes on further to say, "By taking in all these special regimens from various cultures and modifying it with my own twist, I have been able to adapt these things for all types of skin types to achieve incredible results."

It is because of this that the founders of Beyond Aging have hired Megan to be a contributor to the website. Their feeling is her style will blend well with the current subscriber base who are always on the lookout for new things. Be prepared to see more from her in the coming new year.

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By arranging special deals with leading manufacturers of beauty products, Beyond Aging was able to build a community of consumers that receive plenty of products even before they hit the mainstream market. Some may be duds but it's the feedback on these products that have allowed new upstarts in the beauty market to gain valuable consumer insight as well as credibility.

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