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With so many imposing tasks to accomplish every day, new technology can appear daunting for any professional; especially when trying to reduce that incoming flow of email clutter. Continue reading

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Apr 14, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Professionally licensed organizing expert, Kathi Burns, made it her mission to help other people become better leaders through this series of concise educational videos. She is accomplishing this one “Get Organized Google Hangout” at a time. Alex Mandossian is also a highly-trained broadcasting mogul, and included a plethora of useful advice on the best ways for taking action in our fast-pace society.

Review this former Google Hangout and learn the following new skills and techniques: *How to spend less time reading emails and take control *When it is appropriate to write email rules *The easiest way to become proactive and plan instead of react *How to read once and take action, and *Why it is a good idea to limit email correspondence.

The information presented in the broadcast was based on Kathi’s Amazon.com best-selling book How to Master Your Muck – Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life Live Your Purpose!

This informative Google Hangout, which first aired on Thursday April, 11th, is available today, and is positively centered around the listener, breaking down step-by-step how to manage the busiest of communications that the professional environment demands today.

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"When you respond to emails, include your short answer in the subject line if it will fit. This way people can read it, delete it and move on."
- Kathi Burns, CPO
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