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Fathers Day is a time for reflection and appreciation to the man who loves family unconditionally everyday. Look at tips to make Fathers Day a fun and happy occasion. Continue reading

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Jun 10, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Father's Day will be here very soon. Planning the day for dad can be exciting and fun if not doing the usual "here's a tie dad" at the Fathers Day cathering. Have the rest of the family involved in the day and plan something dad enjoys.

If dad is an outdoors kind of person it would be fun to set up a camping weekend. It will be a opportunity for the family to spend quality time together around nature in the outdoors. There is nothing like sitting by a bonfire huddled in a blanket toasting marshmallows. A LED headlamp would be a great suprise gift for dads camping adventure. Let this be a time for relaxing and good times. Reserve a campground where dad likes to go and hasn't been able to get away to for awhile.

Maybe dad is not really the outdoors kind of guy but loves a great show. There are many options in local area  to involve the entire family to attend. Choose from live theater, comedy clubs, musical performances, art exhibit, plays, festivals and more. Grab a local community paper and see what is going on for the weekend. There are tons of local entertainment to choose from that may have never been known about.

Dad may enjoy sports and something low key that can involve everyone would be ideal here. Find out where the newest place is for glow bowling that is also child friendly in case there are younger children in the family. Make sure to book a lane in advance for these venues are very popular. There is also miniature golf which is fun for children as much as the adults. Bring a camera to capture those fun moments together.

A trip to the local zoo is enjoyable in the day. It doesn't matter how old a person is. Everyone always loves seeing wild animals and it's a way to see the newest animal addition to the zoo. Be prepared to stay hydrated by bringing lots of water if that day is hot. Bring disposable cameras that can be distributed to some family members including the children to capture spontaneous moments. At the end of the day gather the cameras and have the memory cards downloaded.

Making reservations at dad's favorite restaurant is always a hit enjoying good food and company. Do book reservation with ample time because Father's Day books up very fast. See if the restaurant has a dessert to bring out so the family can sing the "He's A Jolly Good Fellow" song. Prepare this in advance when making the reservation. Some families even bring personalized cake but make sure that it's okay with the restaurant. Some restaurants don't like customers bringing in food from elsewhere.

It doesn't matter where to celebrate dad on Father's Day. There are many fun options to choose from but in the end it is always who he is surrounded by and reminded about how much family loves him.

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