LED Road Flare Kit Critical for Safe Winter Driving, Brand Says


EMERGENCY USA discusses the dangers of becoming disabled on the side of the road and how an LED road flare kit is indispensable for safe winter driving. Continue reading

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Dallas, TX, Feb 26, 2020 /prREACH/ -- According to LED road flare kit manufacturer, EMERGENCY USA, road flares are essential components of any car emergency kit. "A disabled vehicle on the side of the road is at risk of getting hit by other cars on the road. Every year, there are 350,000 parked or disabled car crashes in the United States," warns Gilad Warter, the senior spokesperson for EMERGENCY USA.

EMERGENCY USA's road flare kit contains three LED flares, each comprised of 15 bright LED lights that are visible for up to a mile away. "Research shows that three road flares have the best impact on safety," Warter says. "That's why our kits contain no less than three flares. Combined with the safety gloves, hammer and emergency preparedness pamphlet, our kit has everything you need to keep yourself and your family safe in the event of an accident or bad weather."

For the best protection, Water advises placing the first road flare 15 feet behind the disabled vehicle and the others in increments of 30 feet. If it's a two-lane highway, then one flare should be placed 15 feet in front of the vehicle to alert oncoming traffic of the hazard as well.

"Our grandson just turned 16 and got his driver's license. We wanted him to be prepared and among other things, got him this emergency kit. Obviously the safety hammer needs to be in the car within easy reach, but everything else can be kept in the back or trunk. We hope he never does, but should he ever need these, they will be invaluable, and all included in the same kit. We chose this kit because of the LED beacon lights, both reusable and bright. We plan on buying one for each of our grandchildren as they come of age," a pleased customer noted in his Amazon review.

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