LED Road Flare Kit Returns to Amazon in Time for Winter Driving


EMERGENCY USA’s quality LED road flare kit is now available on Amazon. This comprehensive protection kit comes with a wide range of essential accessories to combat roadside emergencies. Continue reading

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Dallas, TX, Feb 08, 2020 /prREACH/ -- EMERGENCY USA is pleased to announce the official re-launch of its LED road flare kit via Amazon. This road safety kit is equipped with a first aid kit, reflective warning triangle, reflective safety vest, tow strap, gloves with gripping palm, safety hammer, LED flashlight, and many other useful accessories. An organization dedicated to protecting drivers from roadside emergencies, EMERGENCY USA has already gained familiarity on Amazon with its previously launched emergency kit.

"No one likes having car trouble, but knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected can take a load off your mind. Stash this kit in your vehicle and be ready for any auto emergency," said Gilad Warter, the senior spokesperson from EMERGENCY USA. "This emergency roadside assistance kit is sturdy, well-packaged and won't get crushed in your trunk or backseat like similar kits on the market. Every single item you will find in this kit is handpicked by us and designed with only superior quality materials to make sure you are ready for any crisis situation."

Roadside emergencies can take place at any point in time because no matter how brilliant technology is, it may fail without any warning. Though these scenarios are beyond human control, it is possible to prepare for them. "We want to equip you to deal with emergencies on the road so that when they happen, you know you and your loved ones are safe. Our road flare LED gear is part of our commitment to you," Warter said.

The kit comes in a small bag that can fit anywhere in a car's backseat, trunk or even in the spare tire compartment. "It's lightweight, compact and still holds everything required to deal with unexpected events on the road," he added.

To find out more about EMERGENCY USA's emergency road flare kit, please visit the company's Amazon storefront.



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