Lewis Schenk Reaches 200 Client Milestone


Australian-based entrepreneur, Lewis Schenk, reaches his 200 client milestone in the last 5 months. Lewis is a public relations consultant and has been working tirelessly throughout 2020 to reach more people and impact more lives. Continue reading


Melbourne, Victoria, Sep 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Australian entrepreneur and public relations consultant, Lewis Schenk, has reached another elusive milestone in 2020 — the 200 client mark. With COVID-19 lockdowns providing him more time dedicate towards helping his clients thrive and grow his own business, word of mouth spread fast. After only 6 months since founding Boost Media Agency, he has served 200 clients. Lewis' mission is to help businesses, brands and entrepreneurs become a credible, trusted source in their industry by getting them featured in world-renowned news outlets and digital publications.

Having lived overseas and spent years growing his network of contacts from across the globe, Lewis saw the need for his services go through the roof during the pandemic. Many of his new clients were even "doubling-down"  to maintain their position in the market, eager to remain at the forefront of their customers' minds. "A key plank of your marketing strategy should be the extent to which you establish yourself as an authority in your industry," Lewis explained. "The global crisis has shone a light on the need for trust and credibility among consumers, with entrepreneurs and businesses being divided into those who are trusted and those who aren't. With the threat of a global financial crisis, we all know that the selection criteria are becoming tighter for people, particularly about who and where they spend their money."

Working with 200 clients is no easy feat in such a short amount of time, but Lewis has a strong self-belief from years of working on himself. "Ever since I removed my limiting beliefs, my results have gone through the roof. Once you start to get real results, your paradigm will shift forever regarding what's possible for you," Lewis stated. "As the saying goes, 'with crisis comes opportunity,' which is perhaps truer now than ever. Despite many industries crumbling, the online economy is booming, presenting many opportunities for up and coming entrepreneurs."

Regardless of the industry,  public relations is of vital importance. "At the moment, it's harder to get noticed and be relevant. The companies that are succeeding are doing things a bit different and are most likely those who emphasize building credibility," Lewis stated. Social proof, one of the most powerful psychological biases known to man, is exactly what Lewis helps his clients leverage, which enables them to grow faster than they otherwise would. Having a passion for helping others grow and prosper, Lewis sees the current chaotic economic climate as an opportune moment for businesses to position themselves to come out on top, rather than struggle and fall behind their competitors.

From marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, coaches, to small business owners, every company needs a good, and more importantly, credible reputation. "This is what makes people share and speak about your business, causing prospective customers and clients to come looking for you, and not being stuck in the hamster wheel like everyone else," Lewis says. His 200 client milestone is only just the beginning.

For more information about Lewis and Boost Media, please visit http://www.boostmediaofficial.page.



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