Lewyn Scott Garrett Appointed New Chief Judge To Baltimore City Orphans Court

  • Date: May 23, 2014
  • Category: Legal

Governor Appoints Lewyn Scott Garrett New Chief Judge To The Orphans’ Court For Baltimore City. Garrett previously served as an Associate Judge with the Orphans’ Court for the past 18 years. Continue reading

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May 23, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Baltimore, MD - Lewyn Scott Garret has been sworn in as the new Chief Judge for The Orphans' Court for Baltimore City. Garrett, who had served as an Associate Judge in the Orphans' Court for 18 years was installed as Chief Judge on April 17, 2014.

The position became available after former Orphans' Court Chief Judge Joyce Baylor-Thompson was appointed Associate Judge to District Court.

Orphans' Courts have jurisdiction over judicial probate, administration of estates, and conduct of personal representatives. The Orphans' Courts also have concurrent, but not coextensive, jurisdiction with circuit courts to appoint guardians of the persons, and protect the estates, of unemancipated minors.

Three Orphans' Court judges sit in the City of Baltimore (Chief Judge Lewyn Scott Garrett, Associate Judge Michele Loewenthal and Associate Judge Stephan W. Fogleman). Orphans' Court judges run for general election every four years.

About Lewyn Scott Garrett: Judge Garrett has been a Judge in the Orphans' Court since November, 1995. At the age of 22, in 1978, Judge Garrett was one of the youngest candidates to ever be sworn in as a full fledged attorney. He earned his B.A. degree and Masters degree in Policy Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland Law School. Judge Garrett has maintained an active law practice for more than 28 years. His knowledge, and skills regarding the law is a great asset to the Orphans' Court. Judge Garrett taught at the University of Maryland Baltimore County from 1983-1984. He is a Certified Mediator, held the Chairmanship of Maryland Public Interest Research Group in Law School, helped draft the "Just Cause Bill" and the "Baltimore City Circuit Court Consolidation Bill", litigated cases pro bono for the NAACP, and he is active in many civic and community activities. Judge Garrett is also a Certified Acrobatic Gymnastic Judge, an avid marathon runner, tri-athlete, and holds a fifth degree black belt in martial arts.

For more information about the Orphans' Court visit http://archive.baltimorecity.gov/Government/StateAgencies/OrphansCourts.aspx

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People come to court for justice. There are three parts of this justice equation. First, you have to know the many areas of the law that may be involved in the case. This knowledge is essential. Secondly, and just as important, you have to apply this knowledge of the law with understanding and compassion. The human factor must always be weighed. Lastly, and indispensably is that justice must be done promptly. Justice demands that these three components always be joined.
- Chief Judge Lewyn Scott Garrett
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