Lightweight Queen-Size Long-Strand Mulberry Silk Comforter Bed Sets From Down Under Bedding Trend on Amazon


Down Under Bedding’s lightweight queen-size long-strand mulberry silk comforter bed sets are currently trending on Amazon as a favorite sleep accessory. The company recently shared tips for improving sleep hygiene for better sleep. Continue reading


Mississauga, Ontario, Jun 14, 2021 /prREACH/ -- As a leader in alternative bedding products, Down Under Bedding offers unique, natural, and organic sleep products for everyone’s individual sleeping needs. The company’s lightweight queen-size long-strand mulberry silk comforter bed sets have been a huge hit on Amazon, impressing customers with high-quality materials and a good night’s sleep.

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Customers have been raving about the lightweight comforter as their favorite sleep accessory. One reviewer happily reports, “We purchased this as a 'summer duvet' because our regular synthetic duvet was too hot, especially when 'suffering' night sweats and hot flashes. When this blanket arrived, we were surprised by how thin/flat it was, compared to the fluffy appearance of the duvet. And when you first cover yourself with it, it feels cool to the touch. We were concerned that it might not offer enough heat, but after a few nights of sleeping well, we agree that this is a very comfortable duvet that does not trigger asthma or allergy types of reactions. We highly recommend this product!

Tony Sagar, the company’s founder and CEO, explains the value of good sleep, “Sleeping is a necessary but often overlooked component of everyone’s overall health and well-being. It’s an important time for our body to repair and strengthen. And a good sleep has been shown to improve our mood — just the thing we need every morning to tackle a new day.”

By incorporating the moisture-wicking properties of mulberry silk, the lightweight comforter is the ideal duvet for keeping the body cool and dry throughout the night. Silk is also known for its breathability and heat-insulating properties that help to maintain a consistent sleeping temperature. As a result, it keeps a person comfortably cool on summer nights and cozy on winter nights.

Comfortable bedding and temperature play an important role in how well people sleep, but they are only a part of sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene encompasses environment and habits, and it can pave the way for higher-quality sleep and better overall health. From simply setting a sleep schedule to optimizing the bedroom, the experts at the Sleep Foundation offer a variety of tips to improve sleep hygiene:

  • Setting a sleep schedule normalizes sleep as an essential part of the day and gets the brain and body accustomed to getting the full amount of sleep that a person needs. This includes having both a set bedtime as well as a set wake-up time every day of the week.
  • Avoid skipping sleep to do other activities; treat sleep as a priority.
  • Don’t overdo the naps, as this can throw off sleep at night. Instead, keep naps during the day short and limited to early afternoon.
  • Follow a consistent nightly routine. Following the same steps each night, including things like putting on pajamas and brushing teeth, can reinforce the mind that it’s bedtime.
  • Budget 30 minutes for winding down, which should include dimming the lights, unplugging from electronics, and incorporating relaxation methods such as meditation, mindfulness, or paced breathing exercises.
  • Incorporating positive routines during the day can support the circadian rhythm and limit sleep disruptions. This can include getting enough daylight exposure, being physically active, not smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, cutting down caffeine in the afternoon and evening, keeping any food or snacks before bed on the lighter side, and restricting in-bed activity.
  • Optimize the bedroom with a comfortable mattress and pillow, using excellent bedding, setting a cool yet comfortable room temperature, blocking out any light, drowning out noise, and using calming scents.

To find additional information about the queen size comforter bed sets or see the full line of Down Under Bedding products, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.



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