Local Law 84 New York Specialists Share How to Save Money With LL84 in NYC


New York City Local Law 84 (LL 84) Benchmarking – Carleton Energy Consulting Publishes Helpful Money Saving Tips for New York City Building Owners. Continue reading

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Mar 27, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Carleton Energy Consulting (CEC), professional energy consulting services, specializes in Local Law 84 (LL84) benchmarking compliance, energy auditing, consulting, solutions, procurement and boiler management.

Jeff Carleton, President of CEC, highlights the genesis and goal of Local Law 84. “The New York Local Law 84 was created by the Urban Green Council, an environmental agency based in New York City to help larger buildings in the city become more accountable for the resources they use.” He continued,

“The council worked in tandem with the Mayor’s Office and local real estate professionals to design the law as well as provide detailed instructions on how to become compliant. In efforts to achieve improved water and energy efficiency in the city, required buildings must report energy and water use through a proprietary tool known as the Portfolio Manager,” said Carleton.

Local Law 84: Who Must Comply?

Basically, there are three ways to determine who must comply with Local Law 84:

  • Square footage – All covered structures in excess of 50,000 gross square feet must comply with the law.
  • More than two structures on a single tax lot – To ascertain if property with two or more structures must comply with Local Law 84, add the total gross square footage of all buildings. If the sum is more than 100,000 square feet, then the property must comply with Local Law 84.
  • Condominium complex governed by a single board – Every condominium complex in excess of 100,000 gross square feet (regardless of tax lots included) must comply. However, an exception is made for 1-3 family homes classified as Class One under the Property Tax Law.

Properties that must comply with Local Law 84 Benchmarking that do not comply will face financial penalties that can be as high as $2,000.

Save Money with Local Law 84 New York:

Meeting compliance with Local Law 84 is required for all buildings that are affected by the law. However, compliance can have several financial benefits. Often, building owners are unaware of the high cost of utilities and water usage. A proactive stance and more effective management regarding these resources can significantly improve bottom line, while maintaining full compliance with the law. Here are three ways to cut costs with Local Law 84:

Auditing – Currently, Local Law 84 requires buildings impacted by the law to disclose energy and water use. To this end, The Urban Green Council offers the necessary online tools for complying with the report. However, reporting can be time consuming and complicated. A professional management company can complete the task efficiently and accurately, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring cooperation with the law.

Online Boiler Room Management – Through real time boiler management, online managers can identify areas of concern related to energy use, while making recommendations for corrections. An expert boiler room management company is the easiest, most efficient way to reduce energy costs. A professional online management company can identify problems quickly, saving property owners from having to employ onsite staff, or pay excess payroll for additional operators.

Continued Commissioning – When a building has achieved compliance with Local Law 84, it is critical to maintain energy use in order to continue to save money. The law requires several years of performance, but keeping track can become complicated, leaving room for error between required reporting timeframes.

Achieve compliance with Local Law 84 with the help of professional expertise from Carleton Energy Consulting. For accurate, efficient and timely reporting, as well as assurance that one's building is operating at peak efficiency, Carleton Energy Consulting is here to help.

About Carleton Energy Consulting

Carleton Energy and Consulting founded in 2012 focuses on energy compliance, efficiency and green services. We provide compliance through energy auditing services, retrofitting, benchmarking, and online fuel systems management as well as proven reduction methods for electricity usage, water usage and fuel.

Jeff Carleton, principal and founder, of CEC has been involved with property management, online boiler management and real estate for over 10 years. We take a “hands-on” approach, making our clients’ road to compliance and work with owners, managers, superintendents and other building staff.

For more information about Carleton Energy Consulting go to http://CarletonEC.com or call 516-672-8277.

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The New York Local Law 84 was created by the Urban Green Council, an environmental agency based in New York City to help larger buildings in the city become more accountable for the resources they use.
- Jeff Carleton
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