Long-Lasting Hair Removal for Men at Home Now Possible, Says Brand

  • Date: Jul 31, 2020
  • Category: Beauty

MOOM, a noted body sugaring brand, has recently shared useful tips for long-lasting hair removal for men. The company has recently launched its natural sugar wax hair removal kit on Amazon. Continue reading

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Irwindale, CA, Jul 31, 2020 /prREACH/ -- To support its steadily growing clientele, MOOM is sharing useful and practical tips for long lasting hair removal for men. An emerging brand on Amazon, the company offers a wide range of products formulated for men as well as women. MOOM’s latest product, an organic body hair removal kit for men, is now available on Amazon.

More information is available at https://www.amazon.com/long-lasting-hair-removal-for-men/dp/B0876G4CDG.

Hair removal for men is no longer a new concept because many men, including swimmers and bodybuilders, want to have smooth, hairless skin, especially on their back. Before detailing their back waxing tips for men, MOOM explains that it is possible to achieve easy and painless waxing at home by using the correct techniques and the highest quality products. It recommends using long spatulas with a wide end, which will make the wax more comfortable to use. Coverage is essential, seeing as back waxing can include the shoulders, the base of the neck, and the area down to the elbow, according to the brand.

MOOM suggests the following useful tips for ensuring pain-free back waxing at home, giving long-lasting results:

  • Using a high-quality pre-waxing lotion to prepare the back for waxing;
  • Smoothing out the hair in the direction of growth before spreading the wax;
  • Spreading the wax in a thin film;
  • Less hairy individuals can swipe the wax in large areas at a time. However, for hairier people, it is better to treat smaller areas;
  • To minimize pain, it helps to hold the skin taut while pulling the wax off, against the direction of hair growth.

A senior spokesperson for MOOM explains that its recently launched natural sugar wax hair remover was formulated to be the best wax for hair removal at home. “With no chemicals, our product is gentle on all skin types and can be applied and removed easily. Each of the waxing kits includes 6 ounces of natural body and facial wax, 18 washable and reusable polycotton fabric waxing strips, and four wooden applicators.”

To find out more about MOOM and its range of natural waxing products, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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