Luxor Cabs Warns About Dangers of Alternative ‘Cab’ Companies


The California Public Utilities Commission is considering allowing private companies to provide cab service with untrained drivers under “rideshare” agreements. Luxor Cabs reminds potential passengers that trained, qualified drivers are always the safest way to get a ride in the Bay Area. Continue reading

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Sep 04, 2013 /prREACH/ -- August 30, 2013—San Francisco, California—The California Public Utilities Commission recently announced its intention to grant benefits to “alternative” cab services under the guise of “rideshare” agreements.  The proposed rules would create a new category of vehicles that would not be subjected to the same rules and regulations that must be followed by trained drivers and professional cab companies.  When passengers consider hiring San Francisco airport transportation, it is always safest to choose a company whose drivers are held to strict training standards such as those implemented at Luxor Cabs.

The new rules would benefit companies that provide so-called “rideshare” services, but are actually thinly-disguised unregulated cab companies.  These companies provide the same services of hired taxi cabs in San Francisco, but are not subject to the regulations that govern the traditional taxi cab companies.

These rules would not only hurt legitimate cab companies like Luxor Cabs, but also endanger drivers who are untrained to handle potentially dangerous situations such as robberies or homicide attempts.  Drivers of taxis in San Francisco are often placed in danger, with a homicide rate between 21 and 33 times higher than that of other occupations.  These new, unregulated airport taxis in San Francisco also lack standard safety equipment, such as security cameras and partitions, present in regulated cabs.

The greatest safety concern, however, is to passengers.  Luxor Cabs hires only licensed drivers who are subject to strict training requirements and continuing education mandates.  Drivers must successfully complete all training in order to keep their jobs, and are frequently subjected to random drug testing and other inspections as required by state and federal law.  None of these things would be required of drivers for the new “rideshare” services.

Luxor Cabs stands firm in its commitment to maintain high standards of taxi cab service to the Bay Area.  For nearly 100 years, Luxor Cabs has represented safe, reliable transportation in San Francisco and the surrounding counties, and the company intends to continue maintaining that same level of trust that has made it one of the most well-known and well-respected cab companies in the city.  Luxor Cabs provides cost-effective transportation solutions for those who need reliable cab service, including paratransit services, and maintains high levels of community involvement with the people and organizations of San Francisco.

About Luxor Cabs:  Luxor Cabs has been providing airport transportation in San Francisco and cab service throughout the Bay Area for decades and has built a reputation as one of the most important providers of taxi service in San Francisco.  All Luxor cab drivers are highly trained and provide professional San Francisco airport taxi service for business people, residents and visitors.  Luxor Cabs also has the highest number of wheelchair-accessible cabs in the Bay Area.

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