Magic Butter Knife Spreader Receives Accolades on Amazon


World Wide Smart Buy’s popular Magic Butter Knife Spreader is a useful kitchen accessory that makes it effortless to spread the right amount of butter/jams/creams on toast. The product has already received close to 1,000 Amazon reviews. Continue reading


Aventura, Florida, Jun 07, 2021 /prREACH/ -- The Magic Butter Knife Spreader, a World Wide Smart Buy product, has now emerged as a popular kitchen tool among continental breakfast lovers. With a strong and rugged design, it ensures a better butter-spreading experience while eliminating the common problem of tearing bread into pieces. The extraordinary features of this butter knife have helped it receive nearly 1,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers.

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“Say goodbye to torn bread from obnoxious butter chunks, and hello to a better butter spreading experience! Small slotted holes running down the blade edge curl hard butter so that it's easier to spread onto your bread,” says World Wide Smart Buy spokesperson Tom C.

The easy butter knife slicer from World Wide Smart Buy features an innovative design with the perfect weight balance. The product’s 1-inch blade helps users spread the right amount of butter, jam, or cream on their toast. To curl hard butter on bread, there are small slotted holes running down the edge of the blade. There is also a larger hole designed to curl larger amounts of butter.

This butter knife spreader and curler is durable and offers extraordinary corrosion resistance. In addition, the manufacturer advises that the ergonomic design and smooth finish of the knife make it safe even for children. Also, the product is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

This knife is so awesome. I hate using regular butter knives. The bread usually ends up torn before I'm finished spreading the butter, but with this, it saves the bread from that happening, and you've got the perfect amount of butter on the knife. It's easy to clean, too. I'd recommend it,” a delighted user mentioned in his Amazon review.

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