Immune Boosters for Adults Brand Discusses Elderberry Immune Defense Properties

  • Date: Sep 01, 2021
  • Category: Health

Magnum Hawk recently discussed the immunity-enhancing capabilities of elderberry. The company’s immune boosters for adults include a combination of 10 natural ingredients that may have a role in enhancing the body’s immune system. Continue reading


Sugar Land, Texas, Sep 01, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Magnum Hawk, a manufacturer, exporter and distributor of health and wellness products, recently shared interesting facts about elderberry and its ability to boost immunity. The company’s popular immunity boosters for adults contain 10 potent natural ingredients, including elderberry. Other key ingredients include vitamins B6, C, E, zinc, echinacea, turmeric, garlic, and probiotics.

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A purple fruit derived from the elderberry shrub, elderberry is a rich source of antioxidants known as anthocyanins. It is considered effective in treating the common cold, flu, constipation, hay fever, and sinus infections. Elderberry also has anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling and pain by improving the body's immune response.

“Many of elderberry's health benefits can be attributed to anthocyanins. As an antioxidant, anthocyanins work by clearing the body of free radicals that damage cells at the DNA level. It also has antiviral properties that may prevent or reduce the severity of certain common infections,” said Magnum Hawk spokesperson Sajid Iqbal.

Magnum Hawk immune system support supplement may prevent cell damage by protecting the body from oxidative stress and free radicals. Its probiotics may promote and encourage the growth of beneficial flora inside the stomach. Elderberry extract and garlic powder may help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and promote overall heart health.

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According to Magnum Hawk manufacturers exporters, this immunity booster is manufactured in the USA, following the strictest safety and quality standards. The product is vegan friendly and does not contain gluten or any artificial additives. Magnum Hawk recommends two capsules per day 20-30 minutes before meals with a glass of water for best results.

The product is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as listed in 21 CFR Part III. The manufacturer outsources all testing to ISO-17025-accredited laboratories for the purposes of purity, potency and composition. The product is FDA-registered with registration # 12559558102.

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