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Many people think that in order to make more money, they need to work more, but Fong Chua and Jessica Ng have come up with a fantastic way to help people make more and work less.

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Feb 28, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Chua and Ng have written a rlife-changing book called Make More Work Less. It helps people understand that there is more out there and more one can do to make more money while working less. In the book, there are different strategies and concepts that enables one to plan for their financial future as well as new methods for financial freedom, and they outline the connection between values actions and beliefs.

Not only have Chua and Ng written Make More Work Less, but they have also written two other successful books. One of them being, Make More Work Less with CASH FLOW which shows people that investing in cash flow properties is profitable and easy. They give crucial methods to maintain relationships and properties and provide checklists and forms that allow one to get into cash flow properties with ease and the best strategies to acquire cash flowing properties.

Their third book is Make More Work Less by Building a Team. This book teaches people the importance of surrounding oneself with experts that will support and help with growth. A hard-working team will always help to get the work done, provide A-class service to customers and help keep the other team members on track.

Chua and Ng are not only successful authors but they are international speakers who have spoken on stage in both the US and Canada as well as interviewed George Ross, Donald Trump’s former right-hand businessman and Bruny Surin, Olympic champion. They are focused on expanding people’s mindsets through their excellent coaching.

Along with their successful books and coaching, Chua and Ng founded Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions. This dynamic duo is changing the real estate game as they are giving people investment opportunities that will build wealth and create a perfect investment for each individual. Chua and Ng are always on the hunt for great property deals for their clients, and they aid their clients to build a solid real estate portfolio for the future.

As we all know, real estate is one of most lucrative ways to invest. Property constantly inclines in value, and an important thing to always remember is, each and every day the population expands and there are more people in the world, but there will never be more land than what we already have. That is why investing in property is crucial and why Chua and Ng are the people to go to.

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