Manual Hook Shaped Back Massager from Nayoya is Back in Stock on Amazon

  • Date: Jan 28, 2015
  • Category: Health

After Selling Out Within Hours Of It’s Launch During the Holiday Season, the Popular Patented Manual Back Hook Massager Stick is Available Once Again For Those Looking To Get Rid Of Tense Muscles and Hard To Reach Knots. Continue reading

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Jan 28, 2015 /prREACH/ -- During the recent holiday season, the Nayoya Back Hook Massager, which was featured on News Watch TV, sold out within hours. Around the country, many people wanted to give their friends and family members the popular back massager as a gift, so the product flew off the shelves faster than anticipated.

Fortunately the back hook massager is now back in stock exclusively on Amazon and available for purchase. Anybody who already owns the patented 9 knob hook shaped shoulder, neck and back massager would probably not be surprised to learn how quickly it sold out after its initial launch.

The Nayoya back massager which comes in a nylon travel bag is incredibly effective at helping calm sore and tense muscles, while applying trigger point therapy to various points on the body. Unlike other massagers that are difficult to use solo, the Nayoya Back Hook Massager is easy for people to use on their own.

It is designed for a variety of body shapes and sizes while letting the user reach any part of the body including hard to reach areas like the mid back. As Julian James, the company's Chief Marketing Officer noted, the back hook massager is used by people from all walks of life; from athletes who might have worked out a bit too hard at the gym and weekend warriors who overdid their run around the neighborhood, to people whose necks and shoulders stiffen up from spending too much time in front of the computer.

Two of the 9 knobs are strategically placed 2 inches apart to help stimulate and relax tense neck muscles and thigh muscles, while the patented hook shape allows you massage hard to reach areas and apply pressure to the knots to achieve a myofascial release similar to a deep tissue massage.

Anybody who would like to learn more about the Nayoya Back Hook Massager may visit the product’s Amazon page. There they can read about the effective tool as well as positive reviews from happy customers.

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Julian James

"I'll be honest, manual massagers are not usually my thing. If I am getting massaged I prefer to completely enjoy it and not be the one doing the massaging to myself. However I got recommended to this back hook massager by my husband's brother who's a sports medicine specialist and he was raving about this massager. I tend to get tense shoulders and he told me this would work wonders to help get the knots out. The hook shape of this massager makes it easy to reach my shoulders, mid back, lower back and to massage the kinds out of my back, down along the sides of the spine where I hold a lot of tension. The design of the back hook massager is very lightweight and it comes with a nylon bag which I have been using to carry the massager with me to my office for use during breaks. This makes it thaat much easier to sit at the computer all day in my office chair without needing to move around and stretch every hour. The back hook massager has 9 knobs strategically placed along it's hook shaped body. These knobs are meant for myofascial release and to get the knots out and they do a great job at this! I used to have my husband use his knuckles to try to massage the knots out of my back and shoulders but the knobs on this hook massager make it more effective then knuckles ever can be. I get great leverage and angles with my massager and after doing the spartan race obstacle course with my husband weeks ago this has been helping us both heal at a faster rate. I also use this right away after my gym workouts to facilitate recovery in the muscles so they can heal and grow. There are a few books out there on trigger point therapy and I think I will pick them up so that I can learn more about trigger points and have my back hook massager touch up all the points along my body"
- Helen Lash
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