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    Marine-D3 By Marine Essentials Contains Omega-3 To Combat The Aging Process

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    Marine-D3 is a synergistic blend of nourishing marine lipids , Super Omega-3, high in DHA Calamarine, Seanol-P, and vitamin D3 for total body health. Combining the finest health nutrients, Marine-D3 is designed to support a healthy heart, provide the body with constant deep-sea rejuvenating power, and improve blood circulation.

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    The Chicago based company, Marine Essentials, is advising health-conscious consumers about the inferiority of many nutrients included in heart related supplement products, compared to superior formulations such as Marine-D3. As a leader in supplying quality supplements to the alternative health market, the company has used its current promotion of its nutrient complex to educate the public concerning the best form of the component compounds to be used to improve heart metabolism, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, regulate and improve circulation, and other cardiac system benefits. The item is currently profiled on both shopping.marineessentials.com, and on their Amazon homepage, http://www.amazon.com/shops/marineessentials.

    A key consideration for the use of effective supplements, says the company, is whether the consumer is receiving the optimum dose or concentration of the key ingredients. Marine D3 contains optimal amounts of vitamin D, omega-3 fats via Seanol-P, Calamarine, and other leading edge anti-aging compounds. The company reports that the combination has been received as a kind of 'super agent' by many satisfied users. Edward C Brown comments on the Amazon page, “I was taking a number of prescription medications. None of them brought my blood pressure down. One week after taking Marine-D my blood pressure was within the normal range. Fantastic product.”

    Marine Essentials is emphasizing that this is the typical and widespread positive reaction, presented by Amazon customers, such as DJ in his review, who reports,” It has brought my blood pressure down to normal levels. I don't have rapid heart beat anymore. My veins have come back to normal size and my blood seems to be flowing perfectly now and all my circulations is working great now. No more tightness, tingling or burning anymore in my legs. I feel great!!! I would recommend this product to everyone.” Observers also say it is rare to find premium quality ingredients in optimal doses in the same formula, to produce the synergetic effect reported.

    The company believes that as the role of vitamin D and Calamarine and associated nutrients become more widely known and used, greater overall heart health will result among the public. This is particularly true of Calamarine, which replaces a severe deficit in omega-3 in the current diet, and provides the appropriate amount of DHA compared to fish oil. “Fish oil is rich in EPA, not DHA. That's probably one of the reasons why, despite many people take fish oil supplements…99% of Americans still don’t get enough Omega-3,” says the company, who added that its promotional campaign is expected to continue in the coming months.

    10% Savings. Those interested in experiencing the benefits of Marine-D3 can get a 10% discount today at the Amazon Webstore. To receive the 10% discount on any Marine-D3 package, enter coupon code MD3OFF14 at checkout. For further information about Marine-D3, please visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009YLI51W or http://shopping.marineessentials.com/marine-d3/

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ed O’Keefe Company: Marine Essentials Website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009YLI51W Address: 1808 W. 103rd Street, Chicago, Illinois Tel. No.: 877-436-3824 Fax No.: 773-779-3471 Email: [email protected]

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    “I was taking a number of prescription medications. None of them brought my blood pressure down. One week after taking Marine-D my blood pressure was within the normal range. Fantastic product.”
    - Edward C Brown
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