Marine Essentials Announces New OmegaFlex Formula to Treat Joint Pain

  • Date: Jul 09, 2013
  • Category: Health

OmegaFlex Formula is a specially created joint supplement that provides satisfying health benefits to individuals who are suffering from joint pain. Continue reading

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Jul 09, 2013 /prREACH/ -- OmegaFlex Formula is a specially created joint supplement that provides satisfying health benefits to individuals who are suffering from joint pain. This supplement utilizes boswellic acid from the highlands of Himalayas where indigenous trees grow. Boswellic acid aids in the reduction of leukotriene levels in the body that are known to cause inflammation and other related problems aside from joint pain. Boswellic acid can provide comfort and relief because it contains the highly effective 5-Loxin.

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5-Loxin found in Marine Essential’s OmegaFlex Formula is essential in the preservation of joint cartilage. The more cartilage individuals have, the higher their tendency to be free from the stressing joint pain. The OmegaFlex Formula is created using the finest ingredients including 5-Loxin and a highly concentrated form of Boswellic acid. The 5-Loxin found in OmegaFlex Formula is recognized as one of the most potent reducers of joint pain available in the market today.

Aside from 5-Loxin, the OmegaFlex Formula also contains Omega 3 that serves as a lubricant for the joints. The formulation of this joint supplement also includes Fruitex-B, which is a well-known compound that eliminates joint pain. The perfect combination of Fruitex-B, Omega 3 and 5-Loxin makes this joint supplement highly effective in combating joint pain in only seven days. This guarantees effective and satisfying results. Countless individuals cling to this branded supplement to end their misery.

Clinical studies revealed that OmegaFlex Formula consisting of Boswellic acid can reduce pain up to 62% in just a week as compared to other related products sold in the market. The Fruitex-B is also proven to reduce pain by 12% in less than a week. This percentage only improves after continual use.

The OmegaFlex Formula is a highly recommended supplement for individuals who are suffering from severe and moderate joint pain and those who desire ultimate relief as soon as possible. This supplement is sold by Marine Essentials, a well-known and reputable supplier of premium quality nutritional supplements that gives patients relief from joint pain and as well as anti-aging support. Interested individuals can check this supplement at the <a href="">Marine Essentials Amazon Store</a>.

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"I developed osteoarthritis in my spine over one year ago. My Primary Care Physician offered no help. Chiropractic Treatment over 6 months relieved my back pain to about 60% of what it was. Then I tried OmegaFlex Pain Formula. Within 4 days my back pain was only 5 - 10% of what it had been. I have been taking it about 6 months now, and I still enjoy the same amount of pain relief."
- James J. Anacortes, WA
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